Suicide bombing kills, wounds 13 army soldiers in northern Baghdad

Iraqi security forces inspect the site of a car bomb attack. Archival photo.
Iraqi security forces inspect the site of a bomb attack. Archival photo.

( Baghdad – On Monday, a source in the Ministry of Interior said, that 13 soldiers were either killed or wounded in a suicide bombing by an explosive belt in northern Baghdad, while expected the casualties’ number to increase due to the intensity of the explosion.

According to information shared by the source, and followed by Iraqi News, it was mentioned, “This morning, a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt blew himself up in front of the gate of al-Taji Camp in northern Baghdad, killing three soldiers and wounding ten others with several injuries.”

“Ambulances rushed to the area of the incident and transferred the wounded to a nearby hospital to receive treatment and the dead bodies to the forensic medicine department, while imposed strict [security] procedures in anticipation of similar attacks,” the information added.

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