We supplied 12 Iraqi brigades with weapons, equipment, says US Ambassador

US ambassador in Baghdad Stuart Jones
US ambassador in Baghdad Stuart Jones

( Baghdad – US ambassador in Baghdad Stuart Jones announced on Tuesday, that his country supplied 12 Iraqi army brigades with weapons and equipment, while pointed to the existence of preparations for the rehabilitation of Balad camp in Salahuddin province and the delivery of the F16 fighter jets, stressing that Washington does not want to create new camps in Iraq.

Jones said during a press conference held today at the Embassy with a number of media networks including, “The United States is providing 12 military brigades with arms and equipment, including three brigades belonging to the Peshmerga,” noting that, “this armament includes light and medium weapons, mortars, wheels and armors.”

“We do not want to make new camps in Iraq, and we have some military personnel train and equip Iraqi forces to strengthen their capacity to defeat ISIS,” Jones added.

Jones continued that “the F16 fighter jets will be delivered with its integrated systems during the current summer”.

It is noteworthy that the US Air Force had signed contracts worth $ 838 million with one of the American companies for the rehabilitation of Balad Air Base in Iraq in order to be ready to receive the F 16 fighter jets.


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  1. Iraq has receive many more weapons and ammunition which is quite sufficient to beat ISIS with, now its just a matter of Iraq to use it effectively to beat ISIS. From now on don’t retreat and leave heaps of weapons and ammunition behind for ISIS to get and then ISIS uses the weapons and ammunition against Iraq.

  2. The defenders were overwhelmed by ISIS and the defenders asked for reinforcement help and as none was sent so the defenders decided to retreat otherwise they would have been killed by ISIS. Such situations do occur in wars and the Government and top military leaders should have on standby a sufficiently strong fast mobile force that can respond to such situations to boost the defend up so it won’t be defeated, but the Government and top military leaders appear not to have such a force on standby or if they do have then they simply chose not to send it.

  3. Also read the news and journalists were there and they saw what had happened and so did all the civilians saw it, so do search using mosul retreat june 2014 then have a good read. And this happened all over the Northern and Western parts of Iraq and why ISIS captured over a third of Iraq and they did it within a couple of weeks with hardly any fighting from Iraqi forces.

  4. The latest news is that Iraq is yet again asking for more so Iraq can more weapons and more ammunition in preparation to liberate Mosul. The US and other countries are getting tired of Iraq asking for more and its time that Iraq uses what it already has and to show real progress and not just results from minor progress.

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