Ten IS members killed, wounded in internal clash in Mosul

Ten IS members killed, wounded in internal clash in Mosul
Members of the Islamic State group.

Nineveh ( Ten members of the Islamic State group were either killed or wounded due to an internal clash in the eastern side of Mosul, a source told Alsumaria on Saturday.

The source said, “Dozens of the Islamic State’s members crossed the Tigris River toward the western side of Mosul, to escape from the government forces.”

“The leaders of the Islamic State in the western bank of the Tigris River accused the fleeing members of being cowards, while the fleeing members accused the leaders of treason,” the source explained. “The mutual accusations lead to clashes that last for half an hour, leaving ten casualties of the group,” the source added.

Security forces managed in the few last hours to liberate a number of areas, while the majority of the Islamic State’s leaders flee outside the city of Mosul, along with their families.

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