Terrorist captured in Babel

Terrorist captured in Babel

Babel, Hilla ( The security forces in Babel province announced arresting the terrorist who conducted the assassination attempt against Babel governor on last month.Security source mentioned to on Monday ”The security forces arrested the terrorist, who detonated the car bomb near the building of Babel governorate targeting the motorcade of Babel governor Mohamed al-Masudi, inside a house in Babel province ,” noting that “The name of the detainee has not announced yet.” ”The Anti-Terrorism department in Babel province received accurate information that helped in arresting the detainee who admitted during investigation of detonating the car bomb by a remote control, ”the statement added.Earlier, Babel governor, Mohamed al-Masudi, has survived an assassination attempt when a car bomb exploded targeting his motorcade near the governorate building what resulted in injuring two of his bodyguards on 31/ December/2012. \

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