Terrorist suicides after being surrounded by security forces

Terrorist suicides after being surrounded by security forces
Baghdad ( Terrorist detonates an Improvised Explosive Device killing himself to the south of Baghdad.

The Official Spokesperson of Baghdad Operations Command, Brigadier Saad Maan, reported in a statement received by ”The Iraq Army / Second Regiment/ received intelligence information about a vehicle transports Improvised Explosive Devices.”

”The forces deployed a security checkpoint and stopped the vehicle by launching fire in the air to frighten the driver and forced him to get down of it, then the terrorist detonate the IED inside his vehicle,” noting that “The explosion resulted in killing him without harming the security forces,” the statement added.

”The terrorist was a previous prisoner and two of his sons are detained at the Anti-Terrorism Directorate,” the statement pointed out.”The same force seized a weapons and ammunition cache in Shakha area of southern Baghdad,” the statement concluded.

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