Thousands of civilians displaced as Iraqi troops resume advance in western Mosul

Security forces evacuate the civilians from liberated areas. Archival photo.

Mosul ( Around 3,000 families were displaced from Islamic State-held regions in western Mosul to nearby areas controlled by Iraqi troops, according to an Iraqi officer.

“Around 3,000 families were displaced from districts that the Iraqi troops invaded in western Mosul,” Captain Adel Khalil told BasNews on Sunday, adding that the displacement was from al-Refaie, al-Najjar and al-Oraibi districts.

“The Iraqi army received a big number of displaced civilians at the liberated village of Halila,” he added.

“The troops then transferred the displaced to Hammam al-Alil camps after checking their ID documents,” Khalil said.

Iraqi troops have liberated a strategic district of al-Iqtisadiyeen, 17 Tamuz (July 17th), 30 Tamuz districts and were in control over 60 percent of al-Refaie earlier on Sunday. Districts of al-Oraibi and al-Najjar were invaded.

More than 4,000 civilians were evacuated from 17 Tamuz district, few hours after invading it.

“The army’s 9th armored division evacuated early on Sunday more than 4,000 civilians from 17 Tamuz district,” Lt. Col. Karim Thuyab told Anadolu news agency.

“The evacuation process is hard due to the fierce clashes ongoing between Iraqi troops and IS militants,” he added.

“The troops urged the civilians to head rapidly toward an assembly point at the entrance of the district in order to be transferred to the refugee camps,” Thuyab said.

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