Three Kurdish policemen injured in clashes with angry protesters in Erbil

Kurdish demonstrators carry the flag of the Kurdish Region during a rally in Erbil

Erbil ( Three Kurdish policemen were injured on Tuesday while dispersing a rally in Erbil over delayed payments of salaries and poor services.

“Fierce clashes erupted between Kurdish police and demonstrators at Koysinjaq town in Erbil, leaving three policemen injured,” according to a reporter of Mawazin News.

Security forces have forcibly dispersed the protesters by firing shots in the air, the reporter said, adding that similar demonstrations have been staged in other Kurdish towns.

Earlier in the day, Kurdish security forces dispersed anti-government protests in the center of the Kurdistan Region city of Sulaimaniya as demonstrators continued to stage rallies for the second consecutive day in protest at the Kurdistan Regional Government’s austerity measures, delays of payments and poor services.

The angry protesters torched the offices of the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the opposition Change Movement (Gorran) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in Piramagroon northwest of Sulaimaniya.

The Baghdad-based Iraqi government had vowed to send salaries of Kurdish public employees following a political crisis and a later military standoff that resulted from the referendum the autonomous Kurdistan region held in September for secession from Iraq.

The Iraqi government had adopted penal measures against the Kurdish authorities following the poll, including a ban on financial transactions.

The issues of employees payments and the region’s share in the national budget had always been a subject of dispute between both governments.

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