Three IS militants killed as troops foil attack against checkpoint in Diyala

A security checkpoint in Diyala

Diyala ( Three Islamic State militants were killed as an attack launched by the group against security checkpoint, north of Baqubah, Diyala province, was foiled, the Dijla Operations Command said.

Speaking to AlSumaria News on Saturday, Mag. Gen. Mazhar al-Azzawi said troops “thwarted an attack launched by Islamic State against a security checkpoint in the vicinity of al-Azeem dam , killing three militants”

Meanwhile, Mohamed Dayfan al-Obeidi, head of Azeem provincial council, in Diyala said all members were from Hawija town, southwest of Kirkuk.

“A boat with three IS fighters on board attempted approaching a checkpoint in the vicinity of the dam. Confronted, they were all killed by joint troops of army and paramilitary troops,” Obeidi told AlSumaria News.

“Preliminary information showed that the three members were from Hawija,” he said adding that “the defense plan helped foiling the attack.”

Occasional operations were launched by the government and tribal forces over the past few months to clear border regions between Diyala and Salahuddin, killing dozens of militants. IS fighters have also responded with occasional attacks targeting troops, leaving several deaths.

The Iraqi government is urged to hasten with security operations to retake regions held by IS since 2014. However, the most attention is given to the battle in Mosul, Islamic State’s largest stronghold in Iraq.

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