Tikrit fully under control, says Secretary-General of Nojaba’ Movement


( On Wednesday, the secretary-general of Nojaba’ Movement, a faction within the Volunteer Fighters (al Hashd al-Sha’bi), confirmed that the city of Tikrit has become fully under the security forces control.

The secretary general of the movement, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi said in an interview for, “The city has become completely under security forces and the Volunteer Fighters control.”

Security forces backed by al-Hashd al-Sha’bi and the tribal fighters of Salahuddin managed on Wednesday to control al-Diom area west of Tikrit, while penetrated the industrial district in downtown, according to security sources.

It is noteworthy that the security forces began on March 11th the attack on the center of Tikrit to liberate it from the control of the ISIS organization.


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  1. Good news. Now Iraqi forces have to be more careful as terrorists may and will opt the tactics of suicide bombings of populated areas, checkpoints, security installations, religious places and road and bridges. To stop terrorists from playing havoc, Iraqi forces should use the carpet bombings of the areas occupied by terrorists without worrying the civilian casualties as the civilians in areas controlled by ISIS have great sympathy for ISIS and it’s other offshoots of terrorists.

    • Carpet bombing and not worrying about civilian casualties, you posted this before in another news article. All you appear to know is how to create enemies and kill each other for centuries, and you simply do not know how to make friends with each other where you all can live in peace. No wonder over many years so many Iraqi families have left Iraq and gone to live in other countries so that they can live in peace without worrying about bombs going off in markets or mosques.

  2. Good news tickrit is free and now good luck for the big one mossoul guys keep going and don’t make any Isis prisoners kill this b*****d cheers

  3. Mosul should be liberated within a month with Iran’s help. Should send Americans home with thanks. Then Iran trained troops can march right into Syria with Assad’s help and kill every ISIS in Raqqa province and convince moderate terrorists to migrate into Turkey

  4. thanks God.

    great congratulation to iraqi army, shiite militia and sunni tribe for this winning.

    may Allah bless all of you.

    pls send isis to hell soon.

    salam from Indonesia.
    allahumma sholli ala Muhammad wa ali Muhammad.

  5. HA HA HA…….what a joke….these coward iraqi soldiers can only make up stories of victory but the reality on the ground is clear that they are defeated!!!

  6. This news article is from March 11. Today is March 14 Saturday Iraqi military and Shiite militias pause their offensive to retake Tikrit, awaiting reinforcements, “well trained forces” professional personal and soldiers. These are the words of an Iraqi commander.

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