Tribal forces kill 2 Islamic State militants, lose 2 members in Anbar

Dead ISIS militants (representational photo).

Rutba ( Sunni tribal forces fighting the Islamic State said Monday they killed two group members while losing two of their members in western Anbar on Monday.

Shaker al-Rishawi, a senior commander of the Tribal Mobilization forces in Anbar, said two tribal fighters and two Islamic State militants died, while two militants of Arab nationalities were arrested during an encounter at the “25th kilometer” region, west of the Rutba region, west of Anbar.

Google Maps view of Rutba City (marked with red).

Iraqi and U.S.-led coalition fighter jets have regularly pounded locations held by the Islamic State at the stronghold towns of Annah, Qaim and Rawa, killing dozens of militants. Thousands of civilians are thought to be held in Islamic State captivity at those locations. It is widely expected that the Iraqi government will launch a major security offensive in Anbar once it is done with the campaign to drive out IS from Mosul, the group’s principal stronghold in Iraq.
Islamic State members reportedly killed and wounded 30 Iraqi security members in an ambush near al-Rutba on Sunday.

Al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) said through its media earlier on Monday that the troops killed three Islamic State militants during an encounter at al-Okashat region. Those killed included two Syrian nationals, according to PMU media.

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