Turkish airstrikes destroy large agricultural area on Kurdistan borders

Archival photo.

Erbil (BasNews) Large swathes of farms in the bordering areas of the Kurdistan Region were destroyed on Tuesday during air raids conducted by Turkey.

The airstrikes, against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) began at 11:00 a.m. at three villages of Amedi, Duhok province.

Mahmud Niheli, a media official from the area, told BasNews that the bombardments had no human causalities but caused “a huge damage” to the people from Sargale, Dere and Sgere villages.

Most of the people from these villages are farmers and their plantations were destroyed heavily by the attack, Niheli explained.

He added the offensive has scared the residents of the area who left their farms behind to save their lives.

This week Amedi mayor, Rozhan Ismail Mustafa, called on the PKK guerrillas to stay away from the residential areas near the borderlines in order for the civilians not get hurt by Turkish strikes.

Thousands of villagers from Kurdistan Region borders have been displaced due to the constant fight between PKK and Turkish army and several have lost their lives in the bombardments.

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