Twenty-two civilians rescued, militants killed in Mosul’s Old City

Debris of houses detonated by the Islamic State in Mosul.

Mosul ( Iraqi troops have rescued civilians who were under the rubble of a shelled house in Mosul’s Old City, Sputnik reported.

Hakam al-Dulaimi, founder of Nineveh youth cell, indicated coordination between the cell and military troops affiliated to the Counter-Terrorism Service, which resulted in rescuing 22 persons from under the rubble at Nabi Girguis in the Old City. Most of the rescued civilians, according to Dulaimi, were children and women from one family. Most of them were alive, despite spending hours under the debris.

In related news, security sources said Iraqi forces killed eight Islamic State militants as they were trying to flee the Old City.

A source from the Tribal Mobilization Forces told Shafaq News said the troops shot seven IS militants dead as they were trying to infiltrate from the Old City to al-Jawsaq district through Tigris River.

Moreover, “a suicide bomber was killed as he was trying to target the tribal fighters. However, the militant was killed before reaching to his target,” the source added.

In related news, Nineveh Police Commander Wathiq al-Hamdani, told Shafaq News that troops killed one of the IS militats who was trying to escape the Old City through the river at Yarimja region, in southeast of Mosul.

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