Two British medics who went to join IS killed in Iraq

Two British medics who went to join IS killed in Iraq
British medic Ahmed Sami Khider who joined IS in Iraq.

Nineveh ( Two Sudanese medics (holding British nationality) who went to Iraq to join the self-proclaimed Islamic State have died in separate incidents near Mosul, Alsumaria News reported on Thursday.

The Iraqi media outlet stated that the two doctors, Ahmed Sami Khider, from London, and Hisham Fadlallah, from Nottinghamshire, who left their education in Sudan and joined the Islamic State group in March 2016, died near Mosul.

Khidr, who left Khartoum with eight other young graduates, appeared in a propaganda video two years ago, urging other medics to join the Islamic State in the war against security forces.

Meanwhile, security forces declared that the two medics were killed in the last few days, one week after the killing if the suicide bomber Abu Zakaria al-Britani in Mosul, while pointed out that the cause of their death is still unknown.


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