Two Iraqi youths busted for praising Saddam Hussein on social media

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

Dhi Qar ( – Iraqi security forces arrested on Wednesday two Iraqi youths for praising late president Saddam Hussein and commending his once-ruling Baath Party, a security source said.

“The pair, under 20s, were arrested by intelligence forces in Dhi Qar governorate for glorifying Saddam Hussein’s regime on social networking websites,” the source told Alghad Press.

They were arrested pending investigations under the provisions of a law banning the Baath party and similar entities, he added.

The Iraqi parliament passes a bill banning the Baath Party from any political activity in the country in 2016.

The bill also outlawed any entities that profess or promote racism, terrorism, sectarianism or sectarian cleansing, as well as any political group that promotes ideas that contradict democracy and peaceful transition of power.

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