Two Islamic State members killed in confrontations with Iraqi troops in Kirkuk

Unidentified gunmen attack a checkpoint of Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi

Kirkuk ( Two Islamic State members were killed during confrontations with the pro-government troops on Monday evening, west of Kirkuk, a security source said.

Speaking to Alghad Press, the source said, “clashes occurred in al-Najatiya village, where al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) are deployed. Two IS members were killed.”

The clashes, according to the source, who preferred anonymity, “broke out as PMFs noticed IS militants who were trying to sneak into the village, taking advantage of the bad weather conditions.”

Earlier on Monday, a security source said militants fired a missile in al-Musalla region in Kirkuk, which was followed by shootout with the troops of the Counter-Terrorism Service.

On Sunday, a suicide attacker blew up himself near one of the headquarters of PMFs in central Kirkuk.

Three policemen, tasked with guarding an oilfield in Kirkuk, were killed and injured on Saturday in an attack by Islamic State militants against Khubbaz oilfield in Kirkuk.

Last week, IS claimed responsibility for killing twenty Iraqi security personnel in an ambush, southwest of al-Riyad town in Kirkuk.

Kirkuk Governor Rakan al-Jabouri warned, earlier this month, that Islamic State still poses a serious threat to the security of the province, saying that the militants are still active in Kirkuk’s remote areas and farms around villages.

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