Two IS jihadists arrested in Kirkuk

Police says they participated in beheading members of Peshmerga forces

Two IS jihadists arrested in Kirkuk
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Kirkuk (BasNews) Two members of the Islamic State (IS) organization have been arrested in Kirkuk province, according to a report by Kurdistan24 news channel.

Depending on intelligence information, one of the jihadists was arrested in the town of Daquq and the other in central Kirkuk, the report cited Brig. Sarhad Qadr, Kirkuk districts’ police chief, as saying.

One of the jihadists had plans to enter Kirkuk through Makhmur and the other had already entered the city along with the displaced people, according to the official.

Qadr indicated that the arrested people have participated in all the operations against the Peshmerga forces in Salahaddin province and its vicinity and had participated in the beheading of Peshmerga in Hawija.

The official confirmed that both men have admitted to their crimes.
Saddam Mustafa Ali, one of the jihadists, told Kurdistan 24 that one month after IS took over Hawija, he swore allegiance to the organization.

Ali added that he participated in some IS operations and was present when a number of Peshmerga forces got martyred in Hawija.

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