Two killed, 6 wounded in north Baghdad blast

The aftermath of a bomb blast in Baghdad. File Photo.
The aftermath of a bomb blast in Baghdad. File Photo.

Baghdad – ( Two people were killed and six others were wounded when an IED blast rocked a commercial area north of Baghdad.

Jordan’s news agency, Petra, quoted a Baghdad police officer as saying that the bomb went off near a commercial area in Hussainiya, 10 Km from Baghdad.

Security forces cordoned the area off and victims were taken to hospitals, according to the officer.

Iraq has seen a surge in violent attacks since Islamic State militant captured large areas of the country in 2014. The United Nations said earlier this month that 58000 people died due to violence since then.

ISIS is currently struggling to defend Mosul, its last strategic foothold in Iraq, against continuous, successful advancements by Iraqi security forces and popular militias. With attacks carried out at several areas other than Mosul, supposedly by ISIS, observers and security officials believe the extremist group is trying to divert attention from its defeats in Mosul as well as to distract the focus of the assaulting security troops.

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