Two killed in separate bombings east of Baghdad

Baghdad blast (representational photo)

Baghdad ( Two people were killed and six others were wounded on Monday when two separate IED bombings hit eastern districts of Baghdad.

An IED planted near a workshops area in Kasra district exploded, killing one and wounding six, according to a security source quoted by Babil24 as saying in press statements.

Another bomb fitted under a car owned by a Finance Ministry employee also exploded minutes later, killing the employee, the source added.

Since 2014, violence surged Across Iraq, with the Islamic State militants taking over wide areas of the country to establish a so-called “Islamic Caliphate”. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq said Sunday that violence in Iraq during 2016 left more than 12000 dead and more than 14000 wounded. According to the organization, those dead included 6.492 civilians and 5.546 military personnel. Deaths and injuries occurred in Baghdad, Salahuddin, Nineveh, Kirkuk, Anbar and Diyala, UNAMI said, adding that they occurred during military operations against Islamic State as well as in shootings, bombings and suicide attacks.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the Monday blasts, but Some observers believe Islamic State militants have tended to carry out violent attacks in Baghdad and other provinces to divert attention from Mosul, where they struggle to defend their last bastion in Iraq against advancing Iraqi government and popular forces.

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