Two women die, 3 men wounded in 2 bomb blasts in Diyala

Iraqi security forces inspect the site of a car bomb attack. Archival photo.

Diyala ( Two women died and three men were wounded Thursday in two consecutive landmine explosions in Diyala province, a security source was quoted saying.

An IED exploded in a tractor driven by a man at a country road in Binikani, Maqdadia region, northeast of Diyala, wounding the driver, Dijlah TV quoted the source saying.

Two men and two women, who happened to be a few meters away from the blasts’ scene, hurried to the rescue before another bomb exploded, killing the two women and wounding the men, according to the source.

Authorities did point to possible perpetrators, but landmines planted by Islamic State militants have killed several civilians and security personnel in Diyala and other provinces over the past months. Many left casualties among civilians fleeing areas under the militants’ control.

Violence and armed conflicts left more than 700 Iraqis dead and wounded during the month of June, according to a monthly count released by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI).

The Iraqi government plans to invade Islamic State holdouts across Iraq, including Diyala, in the near future, having concluded the ousting of the group from their largest stronghold, Mosul, earlier this month.

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