U.S. forces evacuate spies planted within IS from Mosul

A U.S. Navy MH-60 helicopter prepares to land in a file photo. REUTERS/Alberto Lowe

Baghdad ( United States forces have recently made an airdrop of troops to evacuate spies it had planted within Islamic State ranks from Mosul, a military source was quoted saying.

Lonon-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi quoted an unnamed Iraqi military source saying that U.S. forces, which had backed Iraqi government troops operations against IS militants, recently conducted an airdrop of troops west of al-Shura region, south of Mosul, to evacuate a number of informants planted within the extremist group’s ranks.

The same source added that the coalition’s warplanes carried out an airstrike three kilometers away from the scene of the evacuation operation, targeting an underground tunnel used by the group in Zalhafa village.

“Iraqi Forces received notices from the American forces saying they were heading to the scene of the strike to get DNA samples from the dead militants’ for analysis,” the source told the newspaper. It appeared that most of the leaders killed in the raid were former detainees by the United States between 2003 and 2011, the source revealed, adding that DNA tests identified one of them as Abu Yahia al-Iraqi, then the Islamic State’s “mayor of Mosul”.

There have been occasional reports of the Islamic State executing civilians, security agents and even its members for collaborating with security authorities.


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  1. Anyhow, it is astonishing that IS has still the means to resist after a cut off of all supply lines since months. Who can explain this? On the other side, I think that the Occidentals including Russia have an interest that all these IS volunteers are going to be killed in Syria and Iray before they can endager the world in other regions. That means: Iraq, Syria and Russia are doing the Job that we can get rid of human garbage. You think that this way of thinking is cruel? Not me. Apart from that, it is Israel that can be so much pleased that their arch enemies Syria, Iraq, Iran and Lebanon are so much involved in the war against IS. So none of These countries can became dangerous for the Jewish State for many years further on. IS, you made really a good Job. Allah is with you, but you go to dschehanna (hell).

  2. I believe the war in Syria is a proxy war between America (NATO) and Russia . The problem being that Assad granted Russia harbour facilities for the Russian navy. The insurgents against Assad have been supplied with arms and equipment from the West and Russia is supplying the regime. If the Russians (Assad) win then they get to keep their naval facility in Syria and if Nato supported side win, then Russia gets booted out along with Assad. IS intervention is just an accident. Whatever, so many factions have been stirred up in this proxy exchange that Syria will never be peaceful for at least another 20 years

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