U.S.-led strike kills 8 ISIS militants in southeast of Mosul

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.

Nineveh ( On Thursday, a source within the paramilitary Kurdish Peshmerga forces stated, that 8 ISIS elements have been killed in an air strike by the international coalition in southeast of Mosul.

The source stated to IraqiNews in an interview, “Warplanes of the U.S.-led international coalition have carried out an air strike against a gathering site for the ISIS group militants in the village of al-Sultan Abdullah in the district of Makhmour, located in southeast of al-Mosul,” pointing out that, “The air strike resulted in killing 8 elements of the ISIS group.”

Earlier today, an explosive device that was emplaced near the road of Mosul Airport, located in southern Mosul, has went off causing 14 casualties among the ISIS group militants who were moving some ranks to the south of Mosul city.

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