U.S. rejects Syrian intervention in Iraq. Says Iran could play a constructive role.

U.S. Department spokeswoman, Marie Harff
U.S. Department spokeswoman, Marie Harff.

( On Thursday, U.S. Department spokeswoman, Marie Harff said that Washington rejects the interference of Syria in Iraq, while it welcomed the constructive role of Iran to resolve the Iraqi security crisis in response to the insurgency of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Iraq.

Harff, commenting on the news of Syrian aircraft bombing positions of ISIL fighters inside Iraq as reported earlier by, said: “the situation in the field of security in Iraq mustn’t be resolved by the Syrian regime through air strikes or by militants funded and supported by other countries in this region.”

She added: “We seek to support the Iraqi army. We have a group there to help special units to do so and begin to regain territories, but the situation on the ground is still very dangerous.”

Harff indicated that the interference of Damascus in the Iraqi situation “cannot help improving the situation in the security field on Iraqi territories,” she said, ” Assad’s regime will increase fueling sectarian violence.”


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  1. Syrian assistance to Iraq was prompt and timely unlike the suspicious delay of U.S. fighter jets that were to be delivered to Iraq. Russia was able to deliver 2nd hand jets to Iraq within 3 days. The truth is the U.S. doesn’t want stability and peace in Iraq. The only thing the U.S. wants is power and control over Middle East oil for the sake of Zionist Israel and its power over U.S. politics (AIPAC)!!!

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