URGENT: 13,000 American troops to deploy to Speicher Base in Tikrit, Iraq


Tikrit ( On Thursday the Vice President of the Saladin Provincial Council, Jassim Mohammed Hassan al-Attiyah, revealed that there are dozens of American military advisers at Speicher Base and that 13,000 additional American soldiers and their military vehicles will arrive during the next few days to the base in the city of Tikrit, located 140 kilometers (87 miles) northwest of the capital, Baghdad.

Al-Attiyah said that “the American military command chose to station personnel in Speicher Base because it is the largest military bases in Iraq,” noting that “there are dozens of American military advisers at the base that coordinate and supervise military battles.”

Al-Attiyah added that “13,000 American soldiers will arrive with their vehicles during the next few days to Speicher Base in order to supervise and participate in the liberation of Saladin province.”

File photo of Jassim Mohammed Hassan al-Attiyah from his Facebook campaign page.
File photo of Jassim Mohammed Hassan al-Attiyah from his Facebook campaign page.

This development comes a day after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi informed President Barack Obama about Iraq’s refusal to accept foreign military ground forces on its territory.

On September 15,2014, the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr threatened to target American troops if they returned to Iraq, calling for “Mujahideen” to withdraw from their areas in case of the interference of those forces “by land or by sea, directly or indirectly.”

Washington has already sent 1,600 troops to Iraq, most recently on September 10, when an additional 475 soldiers were deployed to the country. The US claims most of them serve as advisers to Iraqi and Kurdish forces or provide security for the US embassy and the international airport in the Iraqi capital.

Washington has also been conducting airstrikes against the positions of the ISIS fighters in Iraq.

The deployment comes as US President Barack Obama said earlier this month that he would not pursue another ground war in Iraq after US troops’ pullout from the country in 2011.

“As your commander in chief, I will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in Iraq,” said Obama in a speech to troops at US Central Command headquarters in Florida on September 17.

Senior religious and political figures in Iraq, including Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, have in recent days called on the Baghdad government not to rely on foreign powers in the battle against the ISIS.

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    We have to have proper judge and international investigators find out.
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  2. Why would anyone consider Zionists at any part of this? A ‘Zionist’ is a person who believes that Israel has the right to exist as a democratic country. This is a war between Islamic people. Some of these people have declared war on Americans and Christians. They have hurt Christians from the area; as ISIS or if you want to call it ISIL.A terrorist is a terrorist by any name.

  3. An interesting piece of pure BS put out by al-Sadr, the doper, supporters. I went to the trouble of contacting the US president and Congressional members including John McCain. Funny how the US president and Congress don’t know anything about these 13000 troops. A-Sadr too delusional and paranoid from years and years of smoking hashish.

  4. Just how is it that supporters of a known doper somehow know more than the president of the United States or the American Congress?

  5. As an American, and a former American USAF member, I am proud my country is bombing ThemsIS.
    This bankrupt way of thinking has no place in the modern world. The Iraqi people need to take their country back. Let the inclusive government work. I do not support American troops on the ground. I do support sending advisors, and any weapons the Iraqi and Kurdish people need to wipe out this scum of the earth. This region is in my prayers. We all want peace, don’t we?

  6. This must be a right-winged propaganda site because that is the only place you will find this phoney information

  7. Surprise today the 30th of sept the Vice President said we are sending in ground forces.
    So Obama lied the plan was in the works for some time and this official spilled the beans.

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