URGENT: 3,000 ISIL terrorists to invade Iraq via Saudi Arabia

ISIL convoy. FIle photo.
ISIL convoy. FIle photo.

( The security committee of Dhi Qar province revealed that 3000 armed ISIL fighters have gathered on the Saudi border and are planning to enter Iraq through the desert Nasiriyah. The Committee for the Coordination of Security confirmed preparations to thwart the infiltration.

Committee Chairman Jabbar al-Moussawi said in an interview for, “the security intelligence has reports that around 3,000 armed ISIL fighters are lining on the Saudi border. They are riding in cars and SUVs and are equipped with modern weapons; they intend to enter the country through the desert Samawah, Nasiriyah,” stressing that “security authorities are implementing precautionary measures to deal with this information to prevent mass infiltration.”

Al-Moussawi said that “the Committee for the Coordination of Security was formed between the local Governments of Muthanna and Dhi Qar, it has taken preparations to thwart any infiltration attempt by militants,” noting that “the Army Air Force is conducting aerial reconnaissance of the areas and pathways that are likely covered by terrorists.”

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  1. So why don’t the Iraqis call the Saudi embassy and inform it that these terrorists are moving across Saudi territory. Also, inform the US embassy so that it can contact the US military intelligence. This story seems fake to me.

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