URGENT: 50 killed, wounded by air strike on hospital and school near Kirkuk

A baby killed in a government air strike on the hospital of Hawija (unverified photo distributed by eye-witnesses)
A baby killed in a government air strike on the hospital of Hawija (unverified photo distributed by eye-witnesses)

Kirkuk ( Nearly fifty people were killed or wounded by an Iraqi air strike which struck a hospital and a school inhabited by refugees in the town of Hawija which is located southwest of Kirkuk.

In Hawija, north of Baghdad, sources pointed out to that a government air strikes hit the city’s hospital, killing seven women and children and injuring twenty others, adding that the bombing struck the obstetrics section which manages childbirth and among the dead were preterm infants, babies and a pregnant women.

According to sources of, the air strike also struck a school sheltering displaced people in the area of Abbasid, which resulted seven deaths and 11 wounded among the displaced. The bombing also included the house of one of the inhabitants in the village of Tal Ali, causing the deaths of three of his sons.


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  1. My money says it was an American air strike, blamed on IAF. Americans just want kill, they don’t care who or where, but if they can lay it off on somebody else, that’s just the cherry on the sundae.

  2. @Arklight, they would know who did it, by the type of missiles fired, and also by knowing which planes were in the area. This is a tragedy, why hit an Iraqi hospital building at all. Whoever did it should have to answer.

  3. @Arklight,you are barking like a dog..try to know the real story first…you judge very quick..maybe you are sick…

  4. It could be incompetent pilots, bad intentions from whoever bombed it, or if there are Russian pilots still in the Iraqi Airforce who don’t care. If it were by American pilots, they would know. It must be assumed it was by incompetent pilots until proven otherwise. From the sky, it may be hard to distinguish who holds different buildings.

  5. This is a saddening part of violent conflict. I do hope it wasn’t one of ours (USA) but this must be investigated and the guilty party punished accordingly even if it is one of our own.

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