URGENT: Anti-Terrorism forces liberate Olympic stadium west of Ramadi

Anti-Terrorism forces file photo.
Anti-Terrorism forces. File photo.

( Baghdad- On Sunday, Anti-Terrorism Command said that its forces have liberated the Olympic stadium west of Ramadi, noting that those forces have reached Albu Gleb area north of the city.

The deputy commander of the Anti-Terrorism forces, Brigadier-General Abdul Amir al-Khazraji, said in an interview for “the forces of Anti-Terrorism have been able, today, to liberate the Olympic Stadium west of Ramadi,” adding that “dozens of ISIS elements were killed and wounded.”

Khazraji added that “those forces reached Albu Gleb area north of Ramadi”, adding that “The forces are currently bombing ISIS sites in Albu Gleb, using artillery and mortars.”

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  1. They liberated that stadium before and ISIS retook it so Iraqi forces had to liberate it again. Now will ISIS retake it again and in the process cause many losses to Iraqi forces.

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