URGENT: Baghdadi marries German woman in Nineveh

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.


( A local source in Nineveh province announced on Wednesday, that the leader of the ISIS organization Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has married German girl in Nineveh court amid intense secrecy.

The source said in an interview for, “ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has gotten married to a German girl at the Diwan of judiciary in Nineveh,” noting that, “The German girl had first arrived in Syria then moved to Nineveh.”

The source, who requested to remain anonymous, added, “Al-Baghdadi tried to keep his marriage a secret,” noting that, “The German woman monitors ISIS women’s affairs in the organization.”

The source stated, “It remains unknown whether al-Baghdadi and his wife are in Nineveh or they’ve moved to Syria.”

It is noteworthy that last June the ISIS organization seized a number of provinces in central and northern Iraq and has committed crimes against humanity in these areas against the population of religious and ethnic minorities, and claimed that it came to restore “the Islamic caliphate” and set its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi himself “Caliph of Islam.”


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  1. I hope she is older than 10 to be within the law of the dead to be calapha. This guy is a true psychopath.

  2. The moment she joined ISIL and the “Islamic State” she became a member of ISIL and an “Islamic State CITIZEN” and where Germany and German citizens are enemy to her. Germany sees her as an enemy and NOT a German citizen and where Germany cancelled her passport and citizenship for Germany. If she attempts to enter Germany she will be arrested and questioned by German authorities.
    Why does IraqiNews say that she is German instead of a member of ISIL and an “Islamic State citizen”.

  3. Baghdadi got married? The lady who got married is unlucky as marrying to a monster is an inhuman act. I studied Islam very carefully and found that the caliphate had no concept in Islam and prophet Mohammad had not at time stated the concept of caliphate. This term ‘word’ came into existence only after demise of prophet of Islam when his two father-in-laws instead of participating in the funeral of prophet of Islam and their son-in-law went to Saqifa Bani Saad where few people have just assembled to mourn the death of prophet and due to their lack of knowledge were puzzled about their future position in Islam after the demise of prophet. The two father in laws of prophet encashed the opportunity and grabbed the power and declared Abu Bakar as caliph. This was the first step in the direction of laying the foundation of political Islam which today had taken a shape of a cancerous tumour of Islam and Muslims are divided the most in the world. There are huge conceptual differences amongst various Sunni sects and each of them brand itself righteous and abuse other as apostate and infidels. The prophet had declared his son in law as his ‘Wali-vicegerent’ in his lifetime but that annoyed many followers of prophets who had adopted Islam not out of love but to avenge their humiliating defeats and looking for an appropriate opportunity which they got immediately after demise of prophet of Islam. If Arabs would have followed true advice and acted upon as per the directives of prophet of Islam, Muslims no doubt should have not been so divided today and Islam would have not been known a synonym to terrorism.

    • Jewish lobby has been always tried to divide Muslims since its inception. The concept of Imamat actually not related to bound mankind into 12 persons only. There were so many sons of Hazrat Ali and further in his genealogy………..Who decided and selected which one was imam and other one was not?…….. First look into your own (Shia) religion before criticizing other`s. The issue of creating a Caliph was an issue of the whole Muslim Umaah and not just a single person. Everyone is equal in Islam as emphasized by the beloved Prophet SAW himself during his Final Sermon. Who so ever is chosen to Lead the Muslims, Muslims are obliged to follow that chosen one, (no matter what color or linage). So was that decision unlawful? Prophet and the decision to select caliph(Ameer) raised by few people so why not Hazrat Ali took appropriate action against these (few) people?
      caliphate and Ameer both same in meaning.
      Please read Hajjatul wida
      Last Point was Obedience of Ameer (Caliph )


      • You read your own Hadiths Bukhari wherein it is clearly indicated that Umar Ibn Khattab stopped the Prophet of Islam to write his clear directives so that Muslims could not go astray. It wax the time when prophet was on his death bed and when prophet called his gathered companions, at that time Umar Ibn Khattab asked the people that prophet of Islam is talking nonsense and Quran is sufficient. Some of the prophet companions agreed with Umar but majority disagreed but Umar Ibn Khattab and his fellow colleagues started making huge noises which made prophet angry who asked his companions to leave immediately and left him alone except his own son in law. Now question here arises is that if Quran was sufficient then as to why Umar Ibn Khattab, and Abu Bakar the two father in laws of the prophet of Islam went to Saqifa bani sad where Ansars had gathered to morn the death of prophet of Islam and to discuss their futures after prophet Mohammad. In Saqifa, the two father in laws of prophet threatened Ansars and conspired against the son in law of prophet and Umar Ibn Khattab encashed on the prevailing confusion in Saqifa and proposed the name of Abu Bakar as caliph which was completely against the decree of the prophet of Islam who during his last hajj pilgrimage had declared his son in law Ali as his vice grant- wali that has actually antagonised those who had adopted Islam to save their lives and were looking for an opportunity to avenge their humiliating defeats in the hands of prophet of Islam and his son in law. Among them were these two persons as well who instead of participating in the funeral of their son in law went to Saqifa to grab power which they grabbed and established the foundation of political Islam. Muslims are not bound those caliphs or rulers who grab power by illegal means such as done in Saqifa. Further, even if your arguments are ok then as to why Muawiya Ibn Abu Sufyan rebelled against orophet’s son in law Ali. In his last hajj pilgrimage prophet of Islam in the presence of thousands of Hajis has appointed Ali the leader of Muslims and Muslims had congratulated Ali in the presence of prophet of Islam. The real problems in Islam started immediately after the demise of prophet when his two father in laws who instead taking part in the burial of prophet chosen to go to Saqifa to fulfill their sinister designs of grabbing power and avenge from the prophet. Further, prophet of Islam had stated that those who make his daughter Fatima angry, make him angry and whosoever make him angry make the Almighty Allah angry and Abu Bakar made Fatima angry when he snatched the property of Fatima being gifted to her by her father. The rights of property were later restored to the descendants of Fatima by another self proclaimed caliph. The problem with you people is that you have acute animosity towards prophets son in law Ali as many of your forefathers were killed in hands of Ali during the Islamic wars waged by prophet of Islam. You people even don’t follow your own Hadiths and Quran in its right perspectives rather follow the illegitimate caliphs who were not at all Muslims but deceived prophet of Islam.

      • Who elected Abu Bakar as caliph? Why Ali and other righteous companions were not called to Saqifa where people had gathered to elect their caliph? Why Umar called Abu Bakar only and why not others including Ali who were busy in funeral of prophet? If election is the only way to elect someone caliph then who were the people who elected Umar Ibn Khattab as their caliph? Who elected Uthaman as caliphs? Who elected Muawiya and his son yazid as caliph? Then all became caliphs by thief acts of cheats and persecution of the people like we have today witness in the dynastic rule Al Saud, Al Khalifa, Al Thani, etc. in Persian gulf countries.

      • To Jews are supporting? The Zionist state of Israel is supporting Saudi led war on Yemen against Houthis. Zionist bombards Southern Lebanon the stronghold of Shia Muslim community. Zionist state attacks Syrian armed forces who are predominantly Alawites, the followers of Shia Islam. Zionist state threatens Iran and still opposing a nuclear deal between P5+1 and Iran. Zionist considers Hezbollah their worst enemy force. It were the hezbollahs fighters who defeated Zionist states in 2006 whereas Arabs were defeated in 1963 and Palestine occupied. Saudi Arabia is reported to have given freedom to Zionist state of Israel to use its airspace in the event of an attack on Iran. Zionist state of Israel is also taking part in Saudi Arabia led war on Shia Houthis of Yemen. Now you can make who are basically the progeny of Amr Ibn Aas who sowed the seeds of divisions amongst followers of prophet of Islam.

      • Who are the friends of Zionist state of Israel in Muslim world? These are Jordan, Egypt and Turkey who have open diplomatic relations with zionists state of Israel and have numerous peace treaties with Israel. Hope you will agree that all these arab nations are not ruled by Shia Islam. Further, all your Arab states including Sunni power house of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain Kuwait UAE, Oman, have secret agreements with Zionist state of Israel and thus it is evident from historical facts that Sunnis are not only the friends of zionists but also they are the progeny of Amr Ibn Aas who was the Jew who had been entrusted with more powers during reign of second illegitimate caliph Umar Ibn Khattab. Read the history of your Islam and introspect honestly and you will be ashamed of your past and present.

      • Just read the history of your Jewish roots through Ka’b Al Ahbar who rose to prominence during the reign of second illegitimate caliph Umar Ibn Khattab. Thus man was a black sheep who use to made Umar foolish and conspired against Islam. He was the man who also involved in murder of Umar Ibn Khattab. Further, as per the statement of Umar if the Quran was sufficient then as to why Umar and Bakar gone to Saqifa. Why Umar proposed Abu Bakar as caliph? Why Umar did not inform Ali, Salamanca Farsi and Abu Zarghazanfari and other companions who were present and busy in the funeral process of prophet of Islam? Why these two father in laws of prophet of Islam were so much in hurry? Thus was a great satanic act committed by these two persons.

  4. This rat b*****d is still alive? While your damn followers die every day, this b*****d is on honeymoon, only curtindo.PRENDAM THIS DOG AND HE PAY WITH BLOOD DECAPITATION EACH AND BRUTAL ACT DONE.

  5. Bhagdadi prefers blondes! Bucket list! Their children will be schooled in different parts of the country, as they hide of course.

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