Urgent – Casualties of Baghdad bombings hit 132

Baghdad ( A security source confirmed that “The final number for the casualties of the car bombings that hit areas of Sadr, Mashtal and Saydiya in Baghdad city on Wednesday evening reached 132 persons.

The source revealed to “Three car bombs, rather than one car bomb, have exploded in different areas of Sadr city on Wednesday evening, leaving seven deaths and 32 injuries,” noting that “The casualties of Mashtal area rose to be six deaths and 28 injuries while the explosion in Saydiay area caused four deaths and 11 wounded persons.”

The death toll of Kadhimiya city was two deaths and nine injuries in addition to a dead person and ten injuries due to a car bomb explosion in Baghdad Jadida area, while the car bomb explosion of Zafaraniya area left two deaths and 12 injuries and finally the explosion of the car bomb in Husseiniya area caused one dead person and seven injuries.

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