Urgent – Chieftain of Jabour tribe assassinated in Mosul

Urgent ...Chieftain of Jabour tribe assassinated in Mosul

Nineveh, Mosul ( The chieftain of Jabour tribe was killed due to an armed attack in western Mosul.”Unidentified gunmen opened fire using light weapons targeting, Mohamed Tahir Abed Rabah, the Sheikh of Jabour tribe, killing him immediately, while he was heading towards his house near Badush city of western Mosul,” security source reported to source added “The gunmen managed to flee after the attack while the police transported the dead body of the victim to the morgue and launched an investigation over the crime.” Jabour tribe is a wide community that contains both Shiite and Sunni sects as well as several well-known Iraqi clans such as Tamimi, Janabat, Dulaimi and others. \End\

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