URGENT: Espionage prompts ISIS to expel its Kurdish fighters from the Hamrin battle front


Diyala ( On Saturday, a local source in Diyala province said that acts of espionage committed by Kurdish members of ISIS to aid opposing Kurdish Peshmerga forces lead the commander of the Hamrin area to dismiss all Kurdish nationals from ISIS who were fighting on the Hamrin battle front located northeast of Baquba.

The source said in an interview for that “the so-called Wali of Hamrin area (50 km north-east of Baquba), nicknamed Abu Zakaria Pakistan passed a resolution that includes the dismissal of all its Kurdish fighters from the Hamrin front, especially in the  parts of Jalawla and Saadia.”

The source, who asked not to be named, added that “This decision came after internal security breaches due to the covert cooperation of some Kurdish members of ISIS with Kurdish Peshmerga forces by providing information on the activities and movements of ISIS units, which led to targeted strikes, resulting in heavy losses in lives and equipment among the organization ISIS.”


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