Urgent – Federal Army, Peshmerga forces approve to withdraw from disputed areas

Baghdad ( The Office of the Commanding General of Armed Forces reveled that the meeting took place between the Federal Army and Peshmerga Forces resulted in reaching agreement over the withdrawal of their military forces to their previous positions.

The Office of the Commanding General of Armed Forces reported in statement on Monday ”The meeting, which was held between the delegations of the Ministry of Defense and Peshmerga was characterized with professionalization, resulted in withdrawing the military forces and they agreed to continue their meetings as well as activating the supreme security committees in order to coordinate between the Federal Army and Peshmerga forces.”

the statement pointed out that “During the meeting, the two sides discussed the means to reduce the tensions in the disputed areas.”

A meeting was held between a delegation of the Federal Ministry of Defense and the Kurdish security delegation regarding the management of the security file in the disputed areas. \

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