URGENT: First Chinese ISIS fighter captured in Iraq says Ministry of Defense

The captured militant is seen guarded by an Iraqi soldier. Photos: Iraqi Ministry of Defence
The captured militant is seen guarded by an Iraqi soldier. Credit: Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

Baghdad ( Iraqi Army Forces claim to have captured an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria fighter from China. If the claim proves accurate, it would be the first time a Chinese national has been found fighting for the terrorist organization ISIS.

Iraq’s Minister of Defense posted two pictures of what appeared to be a captured soldier, along with a short message that described the man as a “Chinese Daash,” the South China Morning Post reported, adding that the Chinese government has yet to release a statement on the Iraqi claims.

“Daash” is an acronym for “Dulat al-Islam fi al-Iraq wal-Sham,” Arabic for the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria. In one picture, the captured Islamic militant, whose face is badly swollen, is seen being guarded by an Iraqi soldier while, in another picture, the militant is shown lying apparently unconscious on the ground.

If the captured militant proves to be a Chinese national, it would be the first sign of Chinese citizens fighting for the Sunni group in Iraq and Syria, along with hundreds of other foreign Islamists, including citizens of Britain, Australia and the United States, who have traveled to this region of the Middle East, answering the call of jihad to establish what they call an “Islamic Caliphate.”

The militant is seen laying unconscious on the ground in this photo released by the Iraqi Ministry of Defence.
The militant is seen laying unconscious on the ground in this photo released by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in a July speech stated that “Muslim rights are forcibly seized in China, India, Palestine”, and urged all Muslims around the world to join his cause.

Wu Sike, China’s special envoy to the Middle East, has previously stated than an estimated 100 Chinese citizens may be fighting for the Islamic State. They are mostly Muslim Uyghurs from China’s remote western region of Xinjiang, according to Wu.

Yin Gang, a West Asian and African Studies scholar at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, estimated that hundreds of Chinese nationals have been fighting for the Islamic State.

“‘All Muslims under heaven are one family’. These Chinese nationals are responding to the extreme Muslims’ call to join the jihad of ISIS and are seeking to gather combat experience,” Yin said.

He said these fighters previously sought to join al-Qaeda in Afghanistan but as the nation became politically more stable, they are now entering Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State, because the region is “the paradise of Jihadists”.


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      • i completely agree with Hellen..if you were so rude to her because you support isis/islamists then f**k you and anybody who thinks like you a*****e.

  1. Did he get there via Albania? Many Uygur nationals that were captured in Afghanistan, and then released in Albania. The reason for not releasing them to China was supposedly danger of them being arrested. But Albania was just a path to the ISIS training and recruitment ground in Kosovo. In fact, Syrian “rebels” came to Kosovo to get lessons from KLA on how they successfully fought Miloshevic army. Imediatelly upon leaving Kosovo, the string of attrocities was happening in Syria against civilian population (Houla, being one of them). That was the strategy adapted from KLA, who killed wantonly Serbs and Albanians, so they could blame the military. It would be interesing if these Uyghurs came from Guantanamo, released into Albania, and then via Kosovo training connection ended up in ISIS.

  2. Love how they bring up Uyghurs, when this man is obviously not. Looks like a run-of-the-mill Han to me.

    The whole situation with Uyghurs has nothing to do with religion, and even less to do with what is going on in the Mideast. While they might have sought out training in Afghanistan and the like, they are more like Chechen rebels than anything else – people who happen to be Muslim, fighting against occupation and forced assimilation.

    The CPC just knows the keywords to rile up everyone outside of China, to throw up a smokescreen as to what they are doing to their own citizens in China.

  3. Isis is nothing more then Mercenaries from many countries.there are many rich and powerful people who are playing on the grand chessboard.

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  6. Whoever converted out of islam is to be killed, whoever find wrong in Quran or prophet is to be killed, whoever not yet a muslim is to be converted to muslim, or to be slaved or to be killed.

    Is this western-media propaganda or a real pursue by IS?

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