URGENT: Hezbollah fighters in Iraq threaten to withdraw if America’s army joins fight against ISIS

Hizbullah flag. Profile photo.
Hizbullah flag. Profile photo.

Baghdad ( Hezbollah paramilitary brigades in Iraq have threatened to withdrawn from positions they had secured from fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant if American forces join the fight against ISIS in Iraq.

Hezbollah, a Shia Islamist militant group based in Lebanon and primarily funded by Iran, has deployed its paramilitary forces to fight the Sunni Islamist group, ISIS.

Hezbollah announced today that they will not fight on the same side as the US Army and considers an Arab alliance with the United States as “a confiscation of Iraqi efforts.” Hezbollah posted the statement as seen below this article on their website today stating that “the use of US Forces is a confiscation of the efforts of those who stood up and fought the ISIS group for the sake of their people and their country.”

Hezbollah’s statement blames the United States for “all that happened in Iraq” and that it is the actual “cause of the misery that prevails over Iraq.” Hezbollah’s statement says that the US army should not be allowed to return to Iraq under any circumstances.

It is worth noting that the French capital, Paris, hosted an urgent meeting on Monday which included leaders and diplomats from more than 20 countries to coordinate a joint effort to the fight against the ISIS group.

The statement of Hezbollah Brigades
The statement of Hezbollah Brigades threatening to withdraw from Iraq.

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