Urgent – ISIL clashes with Kurdish forces in Dohuk. Turkey bombs ISIL sites.

Urgent  -  - ISIL clash with Peshmerga in DohoukDohuk ( Clashes erupted between the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and terrorist insurgent elements of the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant at the borders of Dohouk province in Kurdistan Region on Wednesday.

Security source from Kurdistan Region reported to “The Peshmerga elements clashed with the ISIL gunmen on the borders of Dohuk for the first time since the control of the ISIL on Nineveh province two days ago and today when ISIL controlled Salah-il-Din province.”

Meanwhile Turkish sources reported that “Turkish air jets bombed sites controlled by the elements of the ISIL in Mosul city after kidnapping Turkish citizens working in Mosul city.”


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