Saturday, June 22, 2024


URGENT: ISIS advances in Baiji and Shiites withdraw


( A security source in Baiji stated that, the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is now advancing in different areas in Baiji, and have dominated several towns.

The security source, who requested anonymity, said to, “On Wednesday afternoon, ISIS attacked the towns of Baaja and Eljadida; it managed to control them after fierce fighting that lasted for several hours between its elements and the Shiite town people, who eventually were forced to withdraw.”

The source added, “The ISIS militants surrounded elements of the crowd, who withdrew from their towns in areas near the Tigris River. Security forces are not able to lift the siege so far, in spite of appeals to send reinforcements to the area.”

The source said, “ISIS dominated the towns of Albojwarai and Chatih after attacking them last night. The battles resulted in the death of an official in the crowd called ‘Hamad Abdullah Hajim’ and two of his bodyguards.”


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