URGENT Video: ISIS beheads Kurdish soldiers, broadcasts video from downtown Mosul

ISIS terrorists behead a Kurdish Peshmerga soldier.
ISIS terrorists behead a Kurdish Peshmerga soldier.

Mosul ( The terrorist organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria broadcast a video showing the execution of one of the elements of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces beheaded downtown Mosul as a warning to the forces of the Kurdish Peshmerga which fight them northern Iraq.

The video shows, Kurdish fighters dressed in orange. Also, the video depicts a man kneeling near a mosque in the city of Mosul, which is controlled by the organization of ISIS, before his execution.

The militants of ISIS threatened in the video to behead more Kurdish soldiers if the Kurdistan Regional Governments continues to accept support from the United States.

ISIS terrorists threatened in the video to behead more Kurdish soldiers if the Kurdistan Regional Governments continues to accept support from the United States.
ISIS terrorists threatened in the video to behead more Kurdish soldiers if the Kurdistan Regional Governments continues to accept support from the United States.


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  1. Nobody should be judged without a fair trial. These guys are mere assassins and fanatics. By the way, how can anyone be so sure there really exists a god? I am completely sure there is none, but i would never kill anyone for that reason.

    • God is real and He exists, I have experienced Him in a way I never thought was humanly possible. If you have study the Bible, yes the Christian Bible, you would understand that all of these things happening have been foretold by a verifiably 2000 year old book. These people are lost souls that are persecuting Christ’s church and will end up in one place, a place with no God…

      • I am a believer… but the bible has changed by someone that probably does shrooms. It changes everytime by someone we do not know…. the original should be more believe able because its older and probably knows more.

    • In my humble opinion, in order to become a terrorist and kill people for their beliefs, you need to horship a God. Because you do all these atrocities in the deepest belief God will reward you when you die. For Christiens the paradise was enough reward, but Muslims have got the virgins as an extra bonus, besides paradise. However, Atheists they don’t have any God to reward them, why should they bother to become terrorists and fanatics? What’s the incentive? By the way- who created God? A super-God? … who created the super-God? A super-super God? who… Childish !

  2. A pig roast is in order.

    Unfortunately, our Dear Leader is the one who can look at ISIS and say, “Yes, I built that.” Since he is doing basically nothing to stop these cockroaches, one must wonder if this was his plan all along?

  3. For my all brother (Kurdish),don’t worry,I’ll be avenger for you,I’ll drink all animal isis’s blood, and eat them heart,,peace in Heaven my brothers (for Kurdish heroes).

  4. This filthy low Isis death colt are not flying under a religious flag what they practice is stand over tactics and what they want is people to feel terror what they don’t understand is people all deal with fear differently 3 things with. Fear u either freeze fight or flee so I think we would have enough of us to fight my heart goes out to the female fighters of kobani we need to get behind and help these brave ladies all ideas are welcome the only other thing we should get our pilots to fill up with pigs blood and spray these bastards &drown them in it the stupidity about the 70 + virgins and paradise thing. None of them have proof of some one saying yes. Yes paradise virgins all waiting any way virgins are over rated 70+ s***s would be better suited don’t you think

  5. Yes Mr. President, are you going to go there and apologize for this or are you FINALLY going to get something right. Perhaps us American voters are too stupid to understand you are a disgrace to the office of POTUS.

  6. The 1 infallable God has given his word at least 3 times. Only to be corrupted by fallable man. It is so sad that man and woman are blind to the truth. These islamic fanatics will feel the hammer of God for what they have done and are doing. Through America and the world they will be defeated. And in the next life when they must answer for what they have done, they will burn forever. History has shown us in the end they will be seen as modern day Nazis.

  7. -.- ill kill every last one of them myself -.- My great grandpa had surved in the army and he would not let this happen.. I have my grandpa’s war side.. someone who wont back down from a fight, I am that someone who will avenge for everyone else. If they come across me, they are already dead -.- so be scared. And dont come near me or else -.-

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