URGENT: ISIS captures road connecting Tikrit and Kirkuk

ISIS elements file photo
ISIS elements file photo

( Erbil – On Thursday, ISIS militants carried out an offensive attack on Tikrit District and were able to control the road connecting Tikrit and Kirkuk, while seized two regions east of the district.

ISIS militants carried out the attack from several axes including Hamrin Mountains, al-Fatha, and Tel Ksaiba area and were able to control Tel Ksaiba area (30 km east of Tikrit), while captured the road connecting Tikrit and Kirkuk.

The Governor of Salahuddin Province Raed al-Jubouri said in a statements followed by, “The ISIS militants had carried out an attack, at dawn today, on Tel Ksaiba area using seven car bombs,” adding that, “A large number of the security forces were either killed or wounded during the attack.”

“The Iraqi Air Force warplanes are shelling the area that was captured by ISIS and the clashes are still ongoing,” Jubouri added.

Preliminary information indicates to the death of 12 elements of ISIS and seven members of the Iraqi security forces in the attack.

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