URGENT: ISIS executes 16 members of Albu Nimr tribe in Ramadi

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.


Ramadi ( On Thursday, Sheikh Naim Kaoud, one of Albu Nimr tribe elders, revealed that the organization of the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) executed 16 people from his tribe, including two children, north of Ramadi.

Kaoud said in an interview for, “The ISIS elements executed 16 people from the sons of the Albu Nimr tribe, including two children in Thar Thar area, north of Ramadi.”

Kaoud added, “They threw the bodies on the side of the road in the same area.”

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  1. Isis are dumb as hell,Isis wants to make an Islamic State but they kill the people of that state.the way that they are doing this they are making the people not to trust ISIS and they need people to keep the state alive also this is not the islam that I know these people are evil from the dark ages wake up and show the world what islam realy is the true islam the kind islam not the evil as they are

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