URGENT: ISIS forms police force in Nineveh Province, Iraq

A member of ISIS driving a police car.
A member of ISIS driving a police car.

Nineveh ( An ISIS web site published a statement that ISIS had officially formed a police force in Nineveh Province to execute Sharia law from their so-called Islamic courts.

The pictures on the website showed armed men in uniform with the phrase “the Islamic Police of the State of Nineveh.” The men were riding in freshly painted police vehicles and one of the pictures showed police officers on a river boat.

It was not clear when the pictures were published or the exact date of the formation of the security force. contacted residents of Nineveh who said that it appears that the main task of the new security force is to arrest anyone who opposes ISIS.

Residents added that the new force set up checkpoints on roads and launched campaigns to inspect homes.

ISIS police car from Nineveh Province.
ISIS Police car from Nineveh Province.

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