URGENT: ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi allegedly killed by US airstrikes

Unverified photo of allegedly deceased ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

UPDATE 8 September 2014Death of ISIS leader denied by Iraqi and US sources, social media photos of his corpse are fake.

( Thousands of social media users are distributing an unverified photo which claims to show the body of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after he was purportedly killed by US air strikes after three senior members of ISIS, including an aide to al-Baghdadi were also killed by US air strikes. The death of the three senior members and aide to al-Baghdadi were confirmed by a senior Iraqi security official when interviewed by NBC News on Thursday.

The strike on the ISIS stronghold of Mosul killed Abu Hajar Al-Sufi, an aide to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as well as an explosives operative and the military leader of nearby Tal Afar, the source said on condition of anonymity. Al Arabiya cited the Iraqi Defense Ministry saying Baghdadi’s aide had been killed.

Pentagon Spokesman Col. Steve Warren could not confirm the deaths and said ISIS leaders had not been targeted. But he added that if ISIS leaders were embedded “inside troop formations they are likely to be killed.” The U.S. has been carrying out airstrikes across north Iraq after the brutal terrorists of ISIS gained ground in a murderous sweep in June.

A number of news outlets and websites have published the unverified photo and news about the death of al-Baghdadi by US airstrikes. has been unable to verify the photo and claim that al-Baghdadi was killed.

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    • 72 virgins. Haha. Didn’t know Muslims were pedophiles. Virgins are under 15 these days? Muslims killing each other because one believes the prophet at dinner at 8.30 and the other at 7.30. What laugh.

  1. I hate the US with a passion, ,but this kill might be the only good this this country have ever achieved. except then that, i wish the death to EVERY military personal of this damm country.

  2. President Obama – responsible for the deaths of more Muslim extremist terrorists than any other president in US history. I’ll bet that burns up the right.

  3. @superseb, if you hate every military personnel in this country, why are you in America then? Not everyone in the armed forces is a bad apple. The US is doing a good thing this time.

    • I personally hope he is still alive and in undefineable pain and incapacitation. After 10 years of that, then let him die…slowly from gangrene, from bottom to top.

  4. The photo isn’t simply unverified, it is absolutely fake. It was Photoshopped; Baghdadi’s head on the body of a man killed in Syria in August of last year. Found by a trivial reverse-image search using Don’t be so gullible next time.

  5. Hey superseb, get a life!! The USA still the best Nation on the planet not only are we the most dangerous, evil Nation on the planet we are also the most loving and caring. Just accept us as real and get along with us and we will with you but hurt one of us, well you got problems, cause we will find you and not only continue your fight, we will win!!!! FACT!!!! History will prove this, freak. and if you live here, leave here. Quit enjoying your freedom off the backs of our fallen so punks like you can have a good life in he greatest Nation on the planet. People like you make me sick and make me wish I never fought to keep your house safe. Yep, I”m ex military with 3 purple hearts defending your right to run your punk mouth!

    • @Chilly201 it’s nice to see that the military brainwash is working for you. if you believe you did it for freedom, then i congratulate you on living in bliss and i hope you continue if it makes you happy. on the other hand, i feel sorry for you, because the weapons industry and numerous other people WANT war, so they fabricate random reasons. in some cases it’s FOR FREEDOM, in others it’s to spread democracy… however, it’s all about money. because “fools” like you, will go to war for something you believe is right, should the politicians not be the ones running around with the guns? why do you want to risk your life for your demented government, which is only interested in themselves? you are a number to them. and always will.

      “just think of it. war breaks out and nobody turns up”

      the human kind needs to wake up, and start living with respect for each other, and not whose got the bigger bombs…

      but just so you know, im glad that war has left you unharmed and that you are safe now. i hope you do not feel the urge to go back and keep “helping”.

    • I predict China replacing the US as the most powerful. They likely own most of America’s massive debt, are becoming stronger and stronger financially and militarily. Have a massive population under a regime that could produce massive arms in a heart beat, let lone a mass an army beyond anything the world has known.
      Besides, with the Patriot acts, all your so called freedoms can be thrown into an unknown military prison, with the right combo of maps and fuel while touring your great country.
      America, home of the mass surveillance and freedom of speech, so long as it passes the feds smell test.
      Where taxpayers bail out banks that just repoed their homes. Ah, freedom.

  6. The good news for Iraq will be when the terrorism in their own country stops and every Iraqi can live the life he or she has chosen. As long as there is still fear and lack of security for all, nothing has really changed. I wonder when the Iraqi people are just going to get tired of all this killing and maiming. 1980 to 2014 is a long time. How many Iraqi veterans from the Iran/Iraq war and the wars thereafter are still hobbling around trying to eek out some kind of living to provide for their families? How many Iraqis have had a family killed for no reason in the last year?

  7. I’m going to take the words of the Islamic Extremists, and flip them around on them. DEATH TO THE EXTREMISTS!! LONG LIVE THE INFIDELS!!

  8. I am an Aussie in the U.k. family also in the U.S. if this news is true then well done to the men/women involved..everybody has a god given right to live without fear, practice whatever religion they choose but in a manner that doesn’t cause harm to others. These disgusting individuals lost any right to life the moment they raped, beheaded or terrorosed others and as a result deserve whatever cause of action is deemed only regret is that this scum werent made to suffer for a bit first and given a taste of what they dished out..if I were a millionaire id pay for the bombs myself. If you dont like the U.S, European reaction or world reaction to your actions perhaps you shouldve considered that before dojng what you did..’ an eye for an eye’..’thou shalt not kill’ both quotes from the bible..enough said

  9. Peace for all who want to build a life and help peace along…

    Jews, christians, hindus, bhuddhists anything in between and all others,

    Good people everywhere!

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  19. i dont think the islamic state would make a picture of him and make it public. just dont would happend. when mohammed al adnani died they publicatet. but not just a pic.

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