URGENT: ISIS prepares to attack Haditha District west of Ramadi

ISIS elements file photo
ISIS elements. File photo.

( Anbar – On Tuesday, Anbar Provincial Council announced, that the ISIS organization has prepared its elements to attack Haditha District west of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad) from two axes, while emphasized that the Iraqi Army backed by the international coalition aircrafts are working to shell the convoys of ISIS convoys before reaching their goal.

Anbar Provincial Council’s spokesman Eid Ammash Karbouli said in a statement followed by, “The security forces reinforced its military presence in the axes of Haditha District, due to the preparations of ISIS to attack the front lines of the Iraqi ground forces from two axes including Khasfa area and Barwana Island west of the province, while the international coalition aircrafts intensified its sorties in order to shell ISIS gatherings.”

Karbouli added, “The Iraqi army backed by the international coalition aviation, is working to bomb ISIS conveys and vehicles before reaching the security forces gatherings.”


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  1. ISIS is stupid for letting everyone know that ISIS is going to launch an attack as the Iraqi forces then would be waiting for ISIS with a massed force to very easily destroy ISIS.

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