URGENT: ISIS seizes 3rd largest military base in western Iraq and takes its tanks, heavy weapons and supplies

ISIS armored unit. File photo.
ISIS armored unit. File photo.

Hit ( On Monday Iraqi military sources confirmed the fall of the military base of Hit, which includes a training camp and the base of the seventh division of the Iraqi army, after a major attack of the organization ISIS, using suicide car bombs and rocket-propelled grenades.

The military sources said that “the organization ISIS attacked the army base in Hit, the third largest military bases in western Iraq, from several axes, and carried out a series of suicide attacks on the walls of the base by car bombs, as well as a missile attack lasted about an hour which led to the storming of the base after the withdrawal of the army from it. “

In a related context, lieutenant colonel, Rahim Aljughaifi said that “ISIS  have seized the contents of the base and the training camp, including tanks, heavy weapons, munitions and stores, as well as spare parts and different military supplies,” adding that “the army had requested help of the international coalition during the attack on the base, but the latter did not respond’, asserting the control of ISIS on the three towns surrounding the base.”


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  1. you had tanks that what you fight with. Seriously STOP giving iraq military weapons. This is completely crazy at this point. At least Kurd women fight with guns at that

    • The US should not spill one drop of American blood to defend those who do not care about the fate of their country.
      All they want is for other nations to do the fighting and dying for them. Useless SHIAS !!!!!

      • If we don’t it’ll end up on our shores.. these barbarians have to be stopped, President O’bummer would rather play golf than do anything, he is the weakest President we’ve ever had.. he should grow a pair…

        • Seriously…?? I’m embarrassed and insulted that some of you think that IS has anywhere near the potential to attack ‘our shores’. You owe all of America, SPECIFICALLY OUR MILITARY, for saying something so foolish.

          • yes exactly just like we thought the taliban and al queda didnt have the means to attack us u moron

      • After destroying their country and basically leaving it defenceless, the US owes it to Iraq to defend itself since it’s incapable of doing so now. This sure as s**t wouldn’t have happened if Saddam were still in power there. At present, ISIS is incapable of attacking North America, but what do you think they’d be capable of if they succeed in their primary goal of unifying Iraq, Jordan and Syria? A full on, larger country governed by these psychos.

        We wouldn’t have this problem if we never went there in the first place. We smacked a beehive with a stick and now we gotta deal with the aftermath.

      • We cannot allow those terrorist to gain this kind of military might, we must fight back, if not for the Iraqi people, then for the future of our own. These madmen mean business and they don’t intend on stopping in Iraq. They will eventually attack the United States on our own soil because they’ll have the weapons they need to do it. We have to keep Iraq an independant nation.

        • America created this problem and in turn created ISIS and not contented with that they arm the bastards . with a bit of luck they will attack the US and maybe the politicians and the American people will get a taste of what they have been dishing out to other nations !! then maybe they will understand why they have become the most hated nation in the world!!

    • why America & the west support and provide weapons to failed Iraqi regime !!!! as you can see those weapon that ISIS captured from Iraq using it against our Kurdish troops ( Peshmarga) who only got light arms so I sis using those tanks and heavy artillery against us!!! Never the less ISIS supported by Turkish regime plus Iran but Kurdish fighters will never surrender to the enemy and turikish PM said KOBANI abiut to fall to the ISIS who sponsored by Turkey !! but KBONAE will nver fail and we kurdish fighters mostly women turns kOBANE in to hell for ISIS !! long live Konae doen with IRAQI regime – Iran _turkey

  2. This is ridiculous. There is no excuse for leaving tanks except cowardice. If the tank breaks down then blow the damn thing up instead of letting ISIS have it. How can the US ever give Iraq weapons to defend itself when their cowardly army just drops them and fleas like screaming little girls?

    It’s time to give up on them and arm the Kurds to the teeth. The UN should declare that the regions abandoned by Iraq’s lame-dog army are currently stateless, to allow neighboring middle eastern states to impose order and lay claim to any captured oil fields. Even Iran is better than ISIS.

      • Iran is more dangerous then ISIS and Turkish regime who support ISIS and other militant terrorist!! But USA should and must Arm Kurds we will not stop until we clear all Iraq and Syria from ISIS terrorist! Look what we have done in Kobane the kurdish city in western Syria! for nearly a month ISIS laid a siege with 5000 terrorist including some turkish solders but Kurdish women and men Turns Kobnae in to Hell for ISIS terrorist also Kurdish peshmarga defeated ISIS in Mousil dam plus pushing ahead with further advancement to save failed Iraqi solders because the US and the west wont let go of Failed Iraqi regime I because apparently wants to hold Iraq together !! however Iraqi failed state which is shiit and have close tie with Iran so I think Iran doesn’t want Iraq to be stable plus make it more worse to make USA look bad and keep the west busy while Iran helping other terrorist groups against Israel and Kurdistan

    • It has nothing to do with cowardice, the army is made up of a bunch of noobs who were just desperate for a job. The real Iraqi army was disbanded by the US and some of its veterans currently fight as ISIS memrbers.
      The current army has no loyalty to their unpopular government (which isn’t funtional itself). Rather their loyality is to their respective tribes. They regard their profession simply as a job with secure income in a wrecked economy. They wouldn’t die for a mere job.
      On the other hand ISIS fights for a cause they believe in and do so fiercely. So do the Kurds. Without a cause, spirit and good morale, an army is useless no matter the weapons and technology at their disposal.

      • Without a cause, spirit and good morale, an army is useless no matter the weapons and technology at their disposal. And here we have a valid reason why the Americans have lost virtually all the wars that they created. Vietnam– Korea–Afghanistan and of course Iraq and Libya . countries that the US brought Freedom and Demockrasy too . Don’t it just make you feel proud to be an American .Hypocrisy rules !!

    • I know lots of reasons to avoid Armor:

      1) If you are Infantry, you have little to no training in tracked vehicles. The soldiers that would have been assigned to guard this depot were an Infantry unit.
      2) The Russian RKG-3 anti tank grenade: This thing will cut through the armor and cook any vehicle that was at this facility and it is hand thrown. We dealt with these regularly in Iraq
      3) This facility only had limited fuel stores which probably were completely depleted since the majority of Mosul’s oil fields change control weekly between the Iraqi govt, Peshmerga Forces, and ISIL.

    • Yes yes yes however one thing…the troops ran when they couldn’t contact their superiors and commanders. The reg. troops probably would not have ran and would probably have fought if their chicken s**t superiors (with the means and transportation) to flee hadn’t happened.

  3. Where are the millions of ‘heroic’ Iraqi men who were, just a couple months ago, running around with AK’s, waving them in the air? They were going off to fight ISIS but it seems the Iraqi army runs any time it feels threatened.

  4. F**k the Iraqis ..Waste of time and space.. give ALL THE SUPPORT TO THOSE KURDISH WOMEN FIGHTERS they will win the war for you hands down ..iraqi soldiers are pissy pants pansies..

  5. Imagine ISIS was russia. Imagine Iraqi army being ukrainian army.

    US, you are right. Better give weapons to Iraq. Idiots!.

  6. America spent seven years and countless billions training and arming this “army” and this is what they have to show for it all, nothing.
    America and its allies could go in boots and all and defeat ISIS but it would not solve anything because the same problems will simply recur in a few years, only under a different name.
    The simple fact is Iraq is a nation in name only. The three main groups in Iraq, the Shiites, the Sunni and Kurds are totally incompatible and always will be. It’s a lost cause and the West must cut their losses. They should throw all their support behind the Kurds both in Iraq and Syria. They have secular societies and they are prepared to fight and fight hard for their freedom.

    • Paul Iraq is the way it is today because of america they destroyed the place to secure oil for them and rerun the pipeline to isreal who used to get free fuel from Iraq before Saddam came along and shut it down

      then in theor lack of wisdom tney made the govt majority shia and while the usa was bombing the crap out of Iraq the shia’s flooded iraq from iran to get their numbers up which they did again thanks to the us

      the Kurds also were given the lands they live on by the americans it was all Iraq before then they declared them terrorists and now they are the americans best friends again if america and isreal left everyone alone none of this s**t would happen and if you think the usa etc is funding or supporting isis you are wrong like most here ,it is a fabricated lie to stop the sunni’s muslims supporting them i don’t condone killing by anyone but the fact is isis is or was created due to the Americans, isreal, and the shia and assad regimes who saw it upon themselves to torture and kill Sunni’s because tehy are Sunni’s so there is no loss for the yanks to up and leave except for their precious oil reserves that they steal everyday to fund their continuing wars for world

      • Thats a lot of nice lies you’re spreading about Israel there. Who told you those lies? Some right-wing website? Your imaam? Sure there’s an oil pipeline running from Iraq to Israel. Is someone supposed to take you seriously now? Look at a map you idiot. You’re so full of s**t

  7. Without carpet bombings of the terrorist held areas, situation cannot improve. Kill everyone in the territory occupied by terrorists as the civilians are equally responsible as they have great sympathy with terrorists. Kill the bastards.

  8. No coalition help came, maybe all the negative talk about American or coalition troops on Iraqi soil by Iran and its Shia militias, Moqtada al-Sadr, Hezbollah in Iraq, and MP’s, have convince them that you’re a lost cause.

  9. More donation to ISIS!!!
    Every body accusing other countries of helping ISIS . The Iraqi army is the biggest helper of them all.
    I just wonder what type of government running the country? The Iraqi PM kept saying no foreign troops on the ground , who he is kidding ?

    Where are your friends Mr. PM ?

  10. A lot of people saying the Iraqi soldiers were cowards/bad soldiers for not being able to defend their (mostly US-financed) equipment. Two thingst though;

    1. IS has made it really obvious they won’t be kind on any kind of prisoners or surrenders. So many videos of executions probably affects the soldiers (they know if they run away straight away they won’t get caught).

    2. The main problem in the Iraqi army is that the US dissolved it after Saddam’s regime. Iraq used to have quite a good army, the US decided it should be totally different and today their army is still weak from this. If it is a matter of not spending to much US dollars on their army it started out all wrong, keeping their previous army would have been a lot cheaper.

    • To JAQ: To the degree they had any rule in after Saddam army, to the same degree they have been trouble-maker. The Solution for Iraq is to have them 100% in check.

  11. That fact is that no troops on the ground can fight with ISIS. They all r suicide bombers, how can u fight with them. Soon u will hear that whole Middle East has fallen to ISIS.

  12. ISIL victory has nothing to do with the weakness of Iraqi Army or Militia but ISIL’s savagery. It is the type of Sept-11 victory. Sept. 11 happened not that US was not capable of stopping it but was not thinking such a savagery can be in the mind of anybody. The same is happening in Iraq. You cannot Win a savage war with conventional war tactics and strategies. If indiscriminate killing and out of norm war tactics is OK, then let them have a bit of the bitter taste of their own medicine. So far Iraqis including the Kurds, the region, the world has missed this point. Hence, I agree with Lion’s comment in this thread:
    “Without carpet bombings of the terrorist held areas, situation cannot improve. Kill everyone in the territory occupied by terrorists as the civilians are equally responsible as they have great sympathy with terrorists. Kill the bastards”.

    • Tell that to the Devil Dogs. I bet the Marines would sort their lot out, real fast. So would Masad, the Brits Special Forces and a few other special forces. Get an international team to go in and pop those weasels. (My apologies to the weasels by the way.

  13. IS are fearlessly fighting for a cause whereas Iraqi army seems bunch of uniformed idiots they joined army for an easy money (before ISIS) it is first time they are confronting with an enemy pissed them in their pants, i saw their video of fleeing mousel running for their lives left behind weapons so many humvees misiles and so much other……..

  14. Most of iraqi soldiers are requites. They have been send after 2/3 days of training to defend a camp. What is gonna happen? obvious right. ISIS uses suicide bombers to blow up the walls and then strike with rockets for an hour what will you do? stay in the camp and the rockets fall on your head? What a camps need is air support to strike the rocket lance bases from isis.

  15. The new map for the middle east is beginning to shape up. It was planned sometime ago and we are just witnessing implementation of it.

  16. To any Christians volunteering to fight against IS: please do not kill unnecessarily, do not kill if it’s not in defense of life, do not kill Islamic fighters you capture. Just blind them and send them back to their compatriots. This will hamper their manpower and logistics because they will need to care and feed them, or their fighters will become demoralized if the IS leadership orders them not to. They also make poor suicide bombers and IS may not waste suicide vests on these essentially useless fighters. Most importantly, letting them live may allow them to learn (in their solitude, or from human compassion) of the true God who does not like the destruction of the life and intelligence He created — and that includes everyone.

  17. Just wait until they capture the American embassy in Baghdad, then not only will they have American weapons,tanks and equipment they will have an American made fortress too.. but just quietly. i think the US head military guys knew this would happen and plan to let Baghdad be the last bastion of American presence in Iraq and from there launch a “kick everybody’s a*s” counter offensive

  18. These guys Iraqi Army run pass the women and children instead of fighting do not even take time to destroy the weapons it appears as though they want Isis to defeat them. If Iraq have given a fourth of what there leaders have stolen from them they would not have this problem today at least Isis is paying there guys this war does not make sense but the world understand the GREED.

  19. US is always supporting the wrong guys. You guys are supporting the Iraqi Shia Army who are well known for their cowardice. How can they fight the soldiers of Allah who has no fear of death? Maybe in future they will take off even their undies and run.

    I have a suggestion for you all. Accept Islam and join the Islamic State. You will see the difference in your life. Don’t be angry, be rational and think it over carefully; do more research on Islam. It is better for you instead of supporting cowards and criminals.

    May Allah guide us all to the truth.

    • To the Soldier of Satan: Hey pig, Since Shia Militia took gun, your advancing diminished to almost zero. They are taking the entire Salahe-deen province back from you bastards. You might have lost hundreds of your filthy people in capturing Baiji refinery but failed, due to resistance from the Shia militia. In Babol Province your death toll is skyrocketing and soon your faith will be determined in Anbar province. Every single of you will be prosecuted. Only God knows what dark days are ahead of you. You are all destined to hell.

      • Remember that, regardless of what happens, we are the true winners in the long run. This is the promise of Allah. We are here to die for the sake of God and in the name of God. You hypocrites, soldiers of Satan, will soon receive hard punishment for all your oppressive behavior. “So wait and see, for we too are also going to wait and see.”

        • To Another Soldier of Satan: Yes, in long run you are the true loser. Calling you animal is an insult to the animals. You have no dignity whatsoever. It is vomiting to see you hiding yourself behind a religion while your conduct is not acceptable in any school of thought, even with minimum respect for morality.You associating yourself with the religion is your satanic way of destroying the religion. Hence your mission is to destroy the religion by your atrocity and uncivilized behavior.

          Then, you cannot associate yourself to any school of thought. you are Just a bunch of savage criminals. You are best identified with your savagery. ISIL stands for I= Ignorant, S= Savage, I= ill minded, S= Satanic. The world has started to know you. The crashing response is coming toward you and your corpses will be everywhere. So your faith has been decided and you will be entirely extinguished and become part of the dark pages of human history in the modern era.

  20. Isis having raped and tortured be more ready to sacrifice their blood.. seems non existant support isnt encouraging the Iraqis nor ne promise of torture for awolism.. hmm

  21. If America didn’t invade Iraq in 2003, this wouldn’t have happened. Completely against the will of the UN. But hey, America can do whatever it wants.
    Sometimes it seems like that America wants Iraq to be in full blown chaos. Wonder why

  22. Why not hide gps trackers in all US equipment, tanks and cars to make sure if isis steal it just bomb the s**t out of them later.

  23. Doesn’t anybody remember Desert Storm? Iraqi soldiers were giving themselves up on day one. By day three, the entire Iraqi army surrendered. Did they think it would be any different this time around?
    No more weapons should be sent over there. They need to turn around and figure out how to get it back. [email protected]!

  24. I think this is the hornets nest for sure, ISIS are winning too easily. The CIA wants all the jihadists to be inspired by ISIS and for them to form a state and then for all Jihadists to migrate there and then they’re going to pound them.

  25. All part of the plan to sell lots more weapons. Weee!!! Wait, you thought we trained those solders to win a battle? Not on your life.

  26. oh western people of small mentality! first u equipped isis and now when they are getting stronger and stronger you are making a hue and cry. Due to ur propaganda u have destroyed a beutiful country like syria. these are syrian people. first u sowed the seeds of anarchy there and now u are crying over a split milk. You are not almighty, only due to ur man made machines u have become stronger but ur hearts are still weaker like chikens….isis people are so brave hearted that they are defeating a regular army. send your army of one country and then see what happens to you but you will not come alone you will attack collectively like dogs…

    • The whole modernized world is banding together to destroy you. ISIS creates fear in the hearts of men by performing a series of terrible acts of violence and hatred. They are a deeply wounded people from deep within, perhaps this is why their hearts are so brazen and filled with inspiration (and darker things). They want to change the world and spread their dominion, but the way they (ISIS) are going about it has attracted international attention a coalition of a hundred nations each with greater armies than that of ISIS will descend on you if you continue this rampage across Iraq. Why can’t the world merely set aside their hatreds for others and come together as one common humanity.

  27. Guys, listen, ISIS is fighting for a cause they believe in dispute everyone else’s view.
    I’m pretty sure as Americans we would fight for our freedom for as long as we live. ISIS will do exactly that, But for control. Even if the Iraqis are running cowards, ISIS are savages, middle eastern kamikazes’. They are ruthless. Yes I do believe that they could have defended the base.
    But you have to understand the fear that ISIS has poured into them.
    As an American, we should just nuke the whole country. It’s one big desert with future terrorists.

  28. im a shia muslim iwant know some coward stories of shiias . if u have some true events then mention plz im waiting for ur reply

  29. oh western people! dont be afraid of them i.e. isis. they have not attacked on any of ur countries. they are just fighting with each and others i.e., it is a civil war like situation. your borders are far far away. if u can throw a nuke over them who have only guns in their hands it is a shame for u. if in future or any time u throw a nuke over these muslim countries, our God and ur God who is same for muslims, jews and christians, can take the same work from Russia, china, Japan and India and which can throw a nuke over u, then u will repent. Please dont interfere in others works

  30. The tank pictured is an old Russian tank. As these douches increase in visibility by aquiring heavy ammo, bases etc they will be more easily hunted from the sky.

  31. By the grace of Allah we can take the 3rd largest army base .We don,t have nothing but the Almighty Allah, there is no one to stop ISIL because they are doing the right .

    • Hey Abdul Satan, You have the grace of petro-dollars and not God. With the grace of Allah you will be eliminated from the face of the earth completely and that is coming soon. The real war has not started yet and you will be defeated so badly that all, if not killed in hundreds, will run for your filthy life and try to fled to another country. The right thing to do is to think of your dark future. The whole world is thirsty of shedding your dirty blood. Wait and see.

  32. iraqi military are not cowards / its just that they dont trust the military commanders. most of their military commanders are pro isis, and they always sell their troops to isis… if there is no trust between the general and the soldier then the soldier is not capable of moving forward. also 85 percent of western iraq is pro-isis.. they want to be governmnd by a bunch of RATS. doesnt make the situation easier.

  33. It will not take the Islamic State long to capture the Asad airbase as the momentum is on their side. We can only hope the drones and Apache AH-64 will be able to stop the (IS) advance into Baghdad.

  34. I think Shia Arabs in Syria and Iraq should set strong relation with Kurds to defeat ISIS. It is clear Kurds are eager to pay any prize to be independent. Shia’s in Iraq and Syria must see facts and be realistic. Instead of forcing back day’s policy or Iran’s policy against Kurds, Arab Shia’s should have better relation with their Kurdish population. They might think loosing Iran’s support rather than having Kurdish strong support not sounds good much. However, if things do not change, 2 things will happen, Kurdish state will be found eventually and ISIS kinds of groups keeps fighting against Shia Arabs. Today Iraq is not collapsing because of US support. If Shia Arabs set to deal with Kurds, again Kurdish state will happen eventually and yes Shia Arabs will loose Iran’s full support but Iran won’t take their all support from Shia Arabs. Otherwise, Iran one day has to counter against ISIS by themselves that’s why they can not stop supporting who fights against ISIS as it happens today to the Kurds, still Iran supports not only PUK, also KDP. Once deal is done with Kurds, Kurds will start fighting against ISIS not only for their own land also for their future partners Shia Arabs. Shia Arabs can be Kurdish breathing way to sea both in Syria and Iraq. This partnership will benefit both of Kurds and Shia’s. Shia Arab’s can prevent themselves from Turkey only with Kurds. Iran’s and Russia’s support might change, especially Russia’s reaction. If Turkey pushed more from Europe, Turkey can get more close to Russia. It means no more good days between Assad and Russia.Then, Assad will have real problems for near future for its Alevi nation. We also can say, if Shia Arabs do not get real deal with Kurds, this might also cause to leaving Kurds to Turkey. If Turks gets more democratic and gives Kurdish rights, then it is too late for Shia Arabs, Shia Arabs will loose real opportunity on the ground for their own future. This is what I see, it is my predicts and my points to add one beneficial comment for the region about Kurdish and Shia Arabs partnership. I hope things gets well for everbody. Good luck.

    • Isa, With due respect, you must be a political joker. It there is little co-thinking between Iraqi Shia and the Kurds it is because of Iran’s influence (cultural and religious) on both. You portrayed it such that having good relation with Iran is in contradiction with having good relation with Kurds. How did you come up with such a logic? By the way, it was Mr. Barezani who got excited and were after separation from Iraq when ISIS captured Mousol. When asked if he participate in War against ISIS, he said it is a sectarian war and Kurds will not be involved. He changed his position as ISIS became more aggressive and threaten to capture Erbil. Now the Kurdish politician say they made a political mistake and they should have fought ISIS from the beginning and admiring Iran for having the right intelligence to confront ISIS from the start.

  35. ANOTHER command failure? Let me guess: the camp commander and American advisers left the base a couple hours before the attack, and nobody at the base was smart enough to call in IAF instead of the Americans? I smell the stench of Yankee Dollars hard at work here.

  36. STOP. Giving Iraq weapons. STOP. Women KURDS at least fight the scum. Not one american needs to be put in danger due to these idiots that don’t even destroy this stuff before they run away. F them. FYI why is the media ignoring ISIS also taking over Libya?

  37. the only way to solve any problem at the middle east is to cripple the american economy, punch on the forehead of all those who supported to invade and destroy Iraq. how many Iraqis were been killed by the west and US led coalitions! why was it! what was the problem other then oil greed oil hungry!

  38. Do they not remember what happened to the last army that faced the U.S. on an open battlefield, 3rd-Generation style? Are they SURE that that’s a good strategy? The U.S. Army has to be sick-to-death of COIN and can’t wait to get back to the type of fight they’ve been optimized for for over 60 years, a Soviet-like enemy with heat signatures and fixed bases, and uniforms. Their butts are starting to look a lot like the kind of butts the U.S. Army knows how to kick.

  39. This is messed up. ISIS needs to be stopped once and for all. Freaking President Obama wants to sit around on his lazy butt instead of taking charge and defeating them. He needs to step up and take care of the problem instead of allowing ISIS to kidnap more Americans!

  40. You know what Obama, stop killing and maiming men, women, children and elderly by droning them from behind the safety of a laptop. It’s similar cowardice as shooting a man at the back.

    On the other hand don’t send any ground troops without your presence. I want you to pick up a gun and lead the assault yourself by shouting loud “FOLLOW ME !”.

    If you fail to do this you fail as commander in chief, you’re the failure that everyone feels about you.

  41. Looking at these posts I laugh at how truly uneducated so many brain washed people are, thanks to political practices of misinformed lies and policies.
    Russia and China are the big keys, and in which way they will react, and trust me they are going to become involved, how the rest of the world responds will be the factor of WW3 starting or ISIS falling. Bet your assess that you better hold on to your socks, it will be one hell of a ride.

  42. WE arm the damn people we have to fight with, way to go , give your enemy a gun to kill your people with. Iraq is full of wimps that can’t fight for themselves so they cry for us to do the job for them. Give Israel the ok and they will do the job that no one else can, IDF get-r-done!!!!!!!!!!

  43. We need to be able to attack freely and without boarders.
    You cant fight efficiently if some areas are off limits to us. Our enemies respond to that and hide out in cities that are off limits to us. We could smoke them in a couple days. We took out the whole Iracy army in three days, with tanks and all. We are restricted from bombing areas were we need to bomb. We need to either stop playin and get it done or go home and fight them later.
    We made a mistake when we killed Hassan. We made the reign unstable. He kept ISIS and the Taliban in check.
    They have to go!

  44. Iraqi armies is coward armies..peshmarga is better than that ..they have only show off goggle pad glove ..but phuss is battle fields they loose Mousul and they lost all iraq one by one ..they are not able to defend their own country..Their shoulder is down their moral is low..Kurd women are better then these ..atleast they defend their land..

  45. Have a look at this example of ISIS support by kurdish officials published by a kurds news agency:

    Some kurds are demanding weapons for fighting ISIS and donate their lives while others are supporting ISIL by buying their stolen oil and making lots of profit .

    Such corruption is difficult to understand without the knowledge and support of people in the upper administrative hierarchy …

  46. if we know where they are and what base they have took over then why in the hell are we not bombing the base. F*****G OBAMA TO THE MAX!!!!

  47. “They will reach our shores.” HA. OK ever hear of the United Coalition of Allies?? Or how about the American AIRFORCE and NAVY. Please speculation of any enemy infiltrating our borders with an army is pure skepticism. And yes you should be smacked by an individual of our active military because if you give ISIS power like that, the terrorists have already won YOU over. That’s how this terror thing works, we perpetuate the fear they create and it trickles into our family life, work life, and social life causing you to live in fear of yourself, creating a gap in interest between you and your centralized source of Government. FYI one trained NAVY SEAL is good for abut 30 ISIS “troops.”

  48. Isis will soon have a stockpile of broken down tanks and trucks, they do not know how to repair them.
    Sand is hard on weapons and machinery. I’ve read that they are looking for persons to repair them.
    They killed the last ones. Ordering parts might be problematic. I see these rats turning on each other.

  49. honestly, this just comes down to the Sunni’s fed up with being pushed around and now have battle hardened al-qaeda backing them and brainwashing them all. Maliki was of no help either. I blame him for this whole mess. I mean it would’ve happened either way in time but he made it happen faster.

  50. All i can say is im so shocked that America Doesn’t realize bush goes in pokes a hornets nest sucks your country up almost bankrupt the country and then everybody blames Obama maybe if the Republic Didnt just stone wall him and say oh s**t look how bad he f****d s**t up come on for the greatest conutry in the world u guys let ur government tell u anything and u belie them grow some balls and take back your conutry powers taken not givin

  51. Hello,
    you guys don’t understand you are the ONLY power to stand agaisnt these crazy zombies
    why don’t you be as one and get them to hell
    u live in such a wonderful country, the best ever on earth
    u won’t understand it until u get to know something different
    i wish i were there at this base in iraq the isis attacked today and get a chance to shoot at them
    we all know the world is not easy to live in
    especially when evil is taking its last chance
    you Americans must be proud that people all over the world look at you as heroes
    just remember for millions of people America is the dream they are dreaming of…

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