URGENT: ISIS threatens to invade Rome and fly its flag over the Vatican

1413225435171_wps_12_dabiq_jpg( On Wednesday, the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant threatened to launch a war against the Catholic Church and an invasion of Rome, after publishing a picture of its black flag fluttering above the Vatican.

ISIS issued in its electronic magazine a threat to the heart of Christianity (Rome) after publishing a picture of a black flag waving above the Vatican, threatening to “wage war against the Catholic Church.”

ISIS has carried out a systematic campaign of bombings against many churches and religious edifices, trying to make its war waged on all religions and components with religious overtones.

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  1. barbaric dreams – how will the to italy – a magic carpet ride – ha, ha, ha – ISIL stupid animals – not humans

  2. The rhetoric they feed is b******t. Everything ISIS stands for, is b******t. Using religion as your scapegoat. Whatever. One by one, you will fall. Not too much longer, I’ll be there to help. ISIS: you can try to kill us all, but now we all are going to be coming for you! Can’t play nice in the sandbox? Fine. Then lets fill it with your red. Many sandcastles will be built over you; your own people will forget about you; face it…ISIS is nothing more than a disease…and guess who has the cure? Lets see you pull that b******t here in the states! Try to take over a plane heading for Compton, S. Central L.A., ATL….anywheres! I guarantee you that you will NOT make it! Come to one of our hoods here…you wont make it out alive. So, fly your black flag. I got one of my own, p*****s!

    • America Soon u will witness the power of God! God willing u will all be sent to Hell. We lay in ur neighborhoods , parks , communities , school etc. Observing, studying, ur every moves. Silly of u to think we are not in America … Pathetic . We been here waiting for the moment …

      • Come try it, you piece of garbage. I am literally laughing at you picturing you in women’s clothing.

        • What good does that do? You Americans and your false perceptions. Should we list all the times you were wrong? Of course you only list what you did right as that is a much shorter list. Which you can’t shut up about and we have to put your crap work on the fridge and pretend we like it so your undeveloped feelings don’t get hurt.

        • when gang members find out they cant sell their crack at their local corner store you mind as well forget, because thats messing up the drug game, its going to be a drug war so yea you keep it up

    • when you mean come in our hoods i hope you dont mean like gang members hoods because isis can easily kill a few people with handguns and some big guns (i hate isis and in know way defending them) im talking about come any where near the president and they will get killed in a split second by all sorts of usa agents thats my version of hoods when your dealing with a terrorist group not people on a corner store

  3. Stupid f*****g flag, it literally looks like it’s been made by a reject pirate that cant even draw an even circle.

    F**k you ISIS, you f*****g goat f*****g Apes.

  4. I hope they try! Then and only then will the other religions and non religions of the world consider ISIS a true threat and come together to defeat IT!

  5. If they step even one foot into a civilized country they will be completely obliterated within a week. Its AKs and rocket launchers vs stealth aircraft, drones, special operations teams, spy satellites, etc. Right now we are doing our best to not get overly involved but one wrong move and the might of the world will be on them before sundown.

    Who the is stupid enough to believe this crap?

    • We can be whatever religion we f*****g feel like being
      you are nobody ,isis is a joke if youre so called prophets and come in peace then get the f**k out of here and go die like the pigs that you are, humans who kill other humans over a religion do not deserve to live
      instead of killing us, kill yourselves

    • yeah, let’s all force the women to cover up and beat or rape them if they don’t. then God will be pleased and reward you with virgins in heaven to play with after you die blowing yourself up

    • why go to that level of extremism just for a religion, muslim leaders dont even agree with you people that want to kill every body for not converting

  6. Well if it was done to infuriate people in the west, judging by the response here, it worked. I don’t pat any mind to ISIS, ISIL, PKK, YPG…too many acronyms. Best to stay Sunni vs Shia and then you have it right…

  7. Why does ISIS attack or threaten to attack all of Israel’s longstanding foes yet never Israel itself.

    ISIS is nothing but a deathsquad eliminating the unwanted for the new landlords.

    • ISIS knows that Israel has the atom bomb and will NOT hesitate to use it if it’s required. ISIS wants one of its black flags on top of the White House. It plans to weaken the USA 1st, and then attack Israel.

    • I agree! I will stand by the pope and his ppl even though i speak to the Greek Gods of old. Give me a crusaders tunic and a m60.

  8. If GOD gave you BRAINS…. Please use them…

    HUMANITY does not need Churches , Mosques, Temples, Sinagogues or Kardashian BS!

  9. What is so hypocritical of ISIS is they hate Christians and want to change everyone that disagrees with their twisted view but they sure love to use and can’t seem to live without all those Christian inventions and technology that never would have been developed under their kind of thinking.

    • “Christian inventions?”

      Are you f*****g serious? “Their kind of thinking?”

      Are you even f*****g aware of what it is you’re saying? What the f**k is a “Christian invention?”

      If f*****g anything, Christianity and, dare I say, religion as a whole have done FAR more to go against ANY scientific thinking than to promote it. We are still arguing this creationism vs evolution nonsense in schools in the States, and you’ve got the f*****g gall to call anything a “Christian invention?”

      F**k out of here. Think about what you say before you say it. I hate ISIS as much as the next person, but you sir, are way the f**k off base.

      Have a good day.

  10. One day Islam will rule all over the world for sure, That day is not so far. We know that it will happen 100%. If you don’t trust my word wait and see. What prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said that is 100% true and it will happen.

    Be prepare for that time better.

    • Islam is a fake religion comprised of stories and events from other religions.
      Where is ur fake muhamed when we r destroying u huh??
      Why does muhamed make u blow yourselves up?
      If muhamed loves to kill then u need to ask yourself why do i want this as my religion.
      Why is his face covered maybe because he was a European?

    • Muhamed is the false profit spoken of. Muhamed was the antichrist.i say rid the world of the dome and rebuild Solomon s temple and bring the power of Christ

    • What the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY said about the return of the SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! That is the 100% truth my friend.

    • BS!! You’re an idiot and so are your so called brothers! Soldiers of Satan (i.e. Islamists) will never prevail!

  11. Most men in america aren’t allowed to join the military due to violent criminal history me ive done 10 years and went to prison when i was years old ..Trying to make money to eat ,,its allot different than having woman wait on you all day..america is allot of smoke and mirrors ,and breeds a killer instinct for survival in to us . .the rich people sure you can round them up and take away there credit card and they all starve …but poor people not exotically the same thing. i mean this country and selfish and cruel and hell on earth but it ours….And for the record ..moon your suppose to split down the middle is the Islamic star and Crescent , Split that right down the middle and it gives you 2 horns like the Devil .how do i know cause im one of the watchers.. i would say that Allah will punish you but there is no god in Islam…how did i know that ..oh and the moon is a egg ..if you crack it youll release it

  12. Rokon your a simple minded f**k, your dumb quran credits JESUS with more than the false prophet “muhammad”, your prophet died and is not coming back,..your quran clearly states the return of JESUS but in its own twisted way, it was written so the people acknowledge JESUS but to deny he died for our sins and that he is the son of man, the one true GOD and not “allah” who is satan. JESUS said beware of false prophets who come in sheep clothing but are wolves inside, he came in the 7th century and his name was muhammad,…Islam means surrender/submission,..satan has deceived you all, repent NOW!

  13. You know what? I’d like to buy the world a Coke. But if you’re mean (*hint hint ISIS), I won’t share with you! So what if you’re here already? Do something. Trust me. Many are already waiting. I already know that you’re already in my military. Yes, you’re getting trained, to be a killer. Look, dummy, there are still ALOT more of us, than there are of you. Do something.

  14. Strange, did I miss the Obama Regime’s denouncement this Islamic threat to the RCC? I’ve watching the news regularly.

  15. Its just a matter of time before isis falls you think a mere 100,000 fighters can take over the world. you cant and wont win you will all die the united nations will see to that. so give up now and go home its not worth life can offer much more. Plus you will all burn in hell if you have commited genocide your so called god will reject you and comdem you to hell for murder on inocent people. Its your grave scumbags

  16. It would be nice if we could all talk like civilized Americans. And for those who
    don’t believe in Jesus Christ – maybe they should just say nothing.

  17. @Jesus:(my comments are for jesus the man has commented on quran, islam and holy prophet.Not for JESUS,the holy prophet.)
    “JESUS; you are the son of a b***h.even your mother don’t know the name of your father,becouse you belong with a dirty are commenting on holy quran and islam without a knowledge.Quran says “example of JESUS is just like ADAM( created by soil then orderd by creater to be and it became).Quran and holy prophet muhammad(s.a.a.s.)have never said that holy prophet JESUS was the son of a man.Islam is a true religion.The chain of holy prophets ends on muhammad(s.a.a.s.).JEWS have lost the right way becouse they not followed the way of JESUS after the departure of their holy prophet.JEWS and CRISTIANS both have lost the right way becouse they are not following the way of muhammad(s.a.a.s.).If you believe the life after death think for a few second. make a research of the right way of muhammad(s.a.a.s.).the right way of islam is not the way of isil nor the way of so called “sunni”.They both are following the sunnah of the destroyers of islam like YAZID and his fether MUAWIYAH and their GUARDIANS.The right way of islam goes through the Imam HUSAIN(a.s.)after the departure of holy prophet MUHAMMAD(s.a.a.s.).So think for a few minute.And if you do’nt believe the life after death,”go to hell.”

  18. Lmfao! Its hard to believe that all of you think there is life after death. Guess what happens when you’re dead…thats right! You’re dead! You become worm food. Know when you sleep…sometimes you have no dreams? Don’t believe me? Put a gun to your head. Pull the trigger. Blast your face off. If you think youre gonna see someone at some pearly gates, or someone in a pretty dress, waiting for you….you are wrong! There is nothing. Religion vs. Reality. Face it, f*****s. When you’re dead, you are no longer. Just a piece of meat to fill the bellies of whatever is there to feast on you. Keep using religion as your way of life. Common people know that scientifically, things can be proven. Lets see a f*****g miracle happen now!

    • Burt

      Havent you read and learn about the holly spirit that is with in us…?
      When JESUS died @ the cross HE left the Holly Spirit for us on earth.
      Yes its true , your fless will rotten but your spirit will go to heaven or hell.

      No country is bigger and better for any war, remember that.
      Size does not matter, rather get youre relationship with GOD right then to worry about boms and guns and issis.
      I also hate them beleive me but there is no amor or weapon that can stand in our Heavenly FATHER way.

      Take care bud

  19. ISIS, get up on this apache blood ova here! Ain’t no pride frivolous and superfluous enough that supports your flawed-from-the-ground-up aganda.

  20. @Burt
    I think you do’nt believe in true GOD,the almighty creater.You believe that all the creations are hapened by chance.all the things became from nothing. It is impossible.Even modern science has accepted the fact that any thing can not be created from nothing.modern science has proved that all the space is a creation.Can you think about any condition without a space? science says “A big bang was the reason for starting to create the space”, but it is anable to say anything about the big bang matter without a space.what do you think about it?Is presentation of a thing is possible without space.then it is clear that the creater the true GOD is neither a thing nor a nothing.He is almighty, unlimited and beyond the strenth and reach of minds.Only a creater knows the right or wrong about his creation.It is his kindness and responsibility to make his creation’s life better.He sent holy prophets for this job.One who will obey his orders, will be gifted by heaven,if not,will be punished by hell.It is his strategy.It is the life after death.How do you think that it is impossible.How theTrou god who has created things from a condition of nothing can’t convert a thing’s condition.What a rubbish you are taking about the religion man?

  21. Excessive innocent children brainwashed to hate. Religions used as tools to approve violence. Egotistical chauvinism is the underlying characteristic.

  22. And I’m sure that religion has much to prove as well. Scientifically, not everything in space is understood…inasmuch as most of the earth, still not explored. Creator this, Moses that, Allah this, Jesus that…so many relgions, most leading to the same god…at least I have a grip on reality, instead of having my beliefs all caught up in a prophet that may/may not exist. I can focus my time on much more needed research, versus saying a shitload of “hail Marys” or “Allahu Akbars” and pray to deities that most cartoon representations depict them to be. This world can have the opportunity to move forward, or continue this nonsense and consistantly destroy itself, moving backwards. The choice is yours.

  23. Am worried because people say they step foot to the United states they gonna get what they looking for. They are already here on every corner they own all the stores surrounding all police station, in disguise wit liquor store corner stores four store selling the same s**t one on each corner selling weave cooking chicken selling soul food, I feel like we are going to be out number the f*****g Arabs are not are friends they are gonna come together wit their own people what would we do? how will we come together when we are at war with each other.. blacks on black the police f*****g up WE ARE TAKING THE BATE are focused is OFF WE NEED EACH OTHER SO WE CAN STAND STRONG AND THICK. are you sure we are ready how many of us will die ? They wanna take over and we let them in we support them they get are MONEY their money ain’t worth s**t to us so ask y do they pocket our money

  24. Mohamed raped women, children, stole from the poor, killed innocents, had delusional nightmares which he interpreted as divine … He is a false prophet. In fact not a prophet at all. Just another f*****g moron with mental problems and he got a band of thugs to follow and worship him . Sounds a lot like modern day Isis , al Qaeda with their moron brainfucked leaders. Years from now Osama bin laden will be known as another prophet by these idiot morons with the IQ of a piglet and they’ll raise hell once again fo the sake of Islam . Hell I could go preach b******t and be remembered as a prophet by these morons. As long as I promised sex, money, and virgins after they die , they will follow my every command. These barbarians (no offense to barbarians) my as well be the missing link from ape to human as their brains have yet to evolve beyond that. Give an ape a gun and you’ll see the similarities. F**k Islam , F**k Mohammed , f**k any ignorant Islamic ape who reads this and feels the need to defend “Islam” go f**k a goat or your buddy in your terror cell. I just can’t comprehend this groups stupidity … Sheesh…

  25. when people were speaking against the war Donald trump said the new leader will be twice

    as evil as Husain was. Looks like it’s coming true. Nice going to our draft dodging president

    and vice president who had 5 deferments in Vietnam because he had other priorities at the time.

  26. Waiting for you “La2ny will fall”…Locked and loaded,…but your ISIS will be ground to dust long before you ever raise your, piece of crap, black flag over the Vatican or over any city in this country. We use pork products against morons like yourself.

  27. How do we report NY2LA to homeland security so we can have our brave men and women go kill him like a dog

  28. “As I sit here constantly hearing and watching you execute innocent men, women and children in the Middle East I chuckle. Why do I chuckle you may ask? Well let me explain something to you cowardice fools who think you are so tough behind all your propaganda videos. You are scaring a population that doesn’t know how to fight, you’re bullying the weak.

    You say Islam is the religion of peace, but since when does terrorizing the innocent and beheading men, women and children constitute peace? WTF? But keep in mind, what did Saddam’s troops do when we came rolling into town? They surrendered, twice… So all your empty threats of coming to America and raising your flag over the White House amuse me more than any of you sick, sadistic bastards could ever imagine or comprehend.

    In 2012 there was about 21.2 million veterans in the United States. Do you understand what that means? Let me break it down for you. That means there are literally millions of disgruntled, dysfunctional, pissed off veterans who have been dealing with years of abuse from their government stabbing them in the backs and having to watch their friends die because you Islamic extremist idiots can’t seem to act like normal human beings and stop terrorism and the violence.

    It’s one thing to take over an Islamic state, but if my memory serves me correctly, I’m pretty sure we plowed through Fallujah in 4 days. Better yet, it took us about month to control your entire country. At this point, with 13+ years of war under our belts, how long do you think it would take us to do it all over again? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one. Do you really think you stand a chance on US soil? Do you really think it would be smart to poke that bear? Remember, never bite the hand that feeds you.

    Remember we are armed to the teeth in the US and I can promise you this… the Geneva Conventions will not apply to you. You attack us and there will be no mercy. We will bring the righteous hand of God down upon you and crush you. The ball is in your court now ISIS. We are more than ready to arrange your so called “meeting” with your 72 virgins and send you to your “prophet” Mohamed.”

    – Nick Powers

    • i know right they dont have a chance on US soil. did you see how france released 80,000 law reinforcements just to capture 2 brothers image what USA will do if isis tries to take over NYC or LA. this is laughable

    • for isis to take control over USA they will need to bomb every army base we have including the hidden ones and then take over the small cities then work their way to bigger cities.
      but first your going to need so many people its crazy and plus you dont have bombs or weapons that can really go to work you only have weapons that can raid villages of innocent people lets see a rpg take down a tank. plus you isis people are mostly in the middle east. you dont have a chance

  29. Our stupid f*****g president is going to let them grow until he is out of office! The airstrikes are just a dog and pony show! We are almost sure to elect a republican for office. The Bush family has experience with these f*****g piece of s**t Isis trash (Daesh!) God, JESUS and us Americans are armed and waiting on you shitbags!

    • are you kidding me Bush caused 9/11 he did not keep his part. they had a trade for oil and bin laden was giving oil to us for dirt cheap prices but we took advantage so they wanted to attack the world trade center possibly to make our stock market crash and possibly cause another great depression and that was also their first step to “rule the world”

  30. lets face it isis is already in america they are just waiting for their moment they are doing things the fast way in syria and iraq by raiding cities. so all the focus is on the middle east. while thats happening the UK and USA does not know that isis is growing bigger and bigger in their countries. now when isis just messes up in the middle east and their group is almost finished in the middle east they will start doing attacks inside USA and UK while we are not prepared. thats probably what will happen

  31. lol Rome is considered the first city ever built and it has so much history so im pretty sure literally the whole world is not going to let some terrorist group take over it

  32. for Isis to take control of USA it would need to be like a Hitler situation. Isis would have to originate here and conquer our own military before they try to conquer or destroy any others. which they already did so they already have many countries that want to eliminate Isis. then conquer other counties nearby like Hitler did but its to late for that. Isis is no match for USA. i keep posting because i don’t want Americans to fear, i am just a young 14 year old boy that likes stuff like this.To me this is pretty fun.

    lets compare Isis with USA
    Toyota pick up tucks
    RPGS AK47s and im guessing some pistols as well, oh i just remembered all of the weapons isis stole from iraqi bases that were provided from russia and USA (still can not compete against the unlimited supply of weapons USA produces)
    Im going to round Isis fighters to around 100,000 (i will give them the benefit of the doubt)

    tanks, submarines, aircraft, army trucks, drones ect.
    M16s, airstrikes, remote control bombs, grenades, c4s, m40s, sniper rifles, shotguns sub-machine guns, carbines, mines, m84 stun gernades, scar-h, m14, m4 carbine, grenade launchers, ect. this is funny
    1.4 million people serving and 850,000 reserves

    my email is [email protected] please email me im trying to get a roll in anything involving political events or just being a regular everyday blogger for topics like this

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