Urgent – Sahwa Commander of Diyala province assassinated

Diyala, Baquba ( The Commander of Sahwa forces was assassinated in Diyala province.Security source reported to the correspondent of on Monday ”Unidentified gunmen opened fire targeting, Khaled al-Lahibi, the Commander of Sahwa forces in Diyala province, killing him, in central Baquba city.””One of the Commander’s sons was injured due to the attack,” the source added.”The police forces attended the incident area transporting the dead body of the Sahwa Commander to the morgue and his injured son to the nearest hospital for treatment,” he added, noting that “The police launched an investigation to figure out the circumstances of the assassination.” The Sahwa forces have been established in Diyala province on 2007 and they are considered supportive forces for the security elements to face al-Qaeda Terrorist Organization. \

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