URGENT: Security forces besiege three axes of Tikrit, progress towards center



( On Tuesday, the security committee in the Council of Salahuddin announced that the security forces have besieged the city of Tikrit from three axes, and are now progressing toward the center.

Vice-chairman of the committee Khalid Khazraji said in an interview for, “The security forces of the Iraqi Army, the police, al-Hashd al-Sha’bi and the tribal fighters managed to besiege the city from three axes,” noting that, “The first axes is the southern hub in Tikrit Hospital, the second is the western hub which is a main street controlled by the forces.”

Khazraji added, “The third axis is the north, starting from al-Teen neighborhood, Qadisiyah neighborhood and the School of Education,” pointing out that, “The forces are advancing toward the city center.”

Khazraji predicted the forces to enter the city center within 24 hours, and the international coalition will be absent in the operation to liberate Tikrit and other Salahuddin areas.


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