URGENT: Security forces managed to enter Ramadi train station

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Baghdad – Media War Cell announced on Sunday, that the security forces managed to enter Ramadi train station, confirming that ISIS elements suffered from heavy losses.

The cell said in a statement received by “our security forces in the western axis entered Ramadi train station after ISIS terrorist elements had suffered from heavy losses in lives and equipment.”

The cell added in its statement that “the security forces continue to progress.”


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  1. What kind of the government and army who are unable to eliminate a small group of ants (ISIS)?
    It’s really a shameful upon Arab governments who are unable to defend their citizens.
    I am an Arab but I denounce it because I feel shame to say I am an Arab, and I prefer to say that I am an Israelite than an Arab.

  2. Not much progress as the West Ramadi train station is way out of the city of Ramadi on western side and not many building near it so would not be used much for cover by ISIS. The East train station on the other side of the city is much closer to the city and much closer to other buildings and the Eastern area train station would be much more used and probably there would be more ISIS there who would be using the many buildings there as protection to fight from.

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