URGENT: Unknown aircrafts drop weapons to ISIS southeast of Tikrit


( On Saturday, the  Security Committee in the Council of Salahuddin province revealed that unidentified aircrafts dropped weapons and equipment for ISIS southeast of Tikrit, indicating that there are countries that want to keep Iraq under the ISIS occupation.

Committee Chairman Jassim Al Jabara said in an interview for , “Our sources of intelligence received reports that unidentified aircrafts dropped weapons and munitions to the ISIS organization near Dour district (25 km south-east of Tikrit).”

Jabara added “This is not the first time ; an unknown aircraft dropped weapons and munitions to ISIS in Yathrib area south of Tikrit, several areas in Salahuddin, and in Mosul,” adding that, “We do not know to which source those aircrafts belong yet.”

Jabara continued, “There are countries that seek to keep Iraq under the ISIS occupation, and want to keep terrorism in Iraq by perpetuating the war through the fuel prices, and by providing terrorists with weapons and gear, after the victories achieved by security forces and the people,” pointing out that, “Our battle continues and its goal is victory.”


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  1. ISIS have a lot weapons , why need more ? Do you control your air space , from where this plane come and where gone ?

    • daesh / khawarij and give bad name to sunni muslim I as a sunni Muslim make our live difficult with our other neighbour to prof we are moderate sunni Muslim not extremist like Isis

    • No we don’t control the air space, the US is tasked with that responsibility. They need more weapons at certain battles that might be under siege or hard to resupply. ever think of that?

      • I doubt with all the radar ans satellite info America has anyone can fly a big plane over Iraq without them knowing it……unless it was cloudy that day!

    • simple, getting help from america and the UK

      already been proven that they are using ISIS as an excuse to wipe out assad in the future, then hezbollah, hamas and finally iran

    • ISIS are not Sunni They are Jews. The problem creator in the middle east are Jews and Iran. Saudi fighting with ISIS don’t know the game plan of Jews.

  2. Mostly likely that country who sales weapons in the area made the drops. Just because it looks like american air plane, it isn’t.

  3. I bet the UN made the drop. they have clearly demonstrated their opposition against Israel. them supporting these Islam monkeys fit right in with their evil agenda.

  4. Every muslims should not belive america and its allies. because I think it is their work. they want to sell more weapons and so they need a war field. thus, they are providing weapons to isis secretly and other sides openly.

    • Actually, most Muslims just believe in non-sense. There is no way to put some common sense inside their heads!

  5. It’s probably the rich Sunni Saudis Arabians that are buying the female yazidi slaves from ISIS and the Americans of course do nothing to upset the Saudi Arabia. America, Turkey and probably Israel too are all secretly on the side of ISIS

  6. For me one thing is clear.. while ISIS is slaughtering Arabs,Kurds,Yazidis, & other muslims…You people who are natives of the so called Arab world have done nothing.Russia? it is busy with its landgrabbing of Ukraine.China? it is busy bullying its neighbors in South East Asia. Only US responded with its duty by providing aireal support to those who try stop the satanic spread of ISIS.

  7. Don’t Iraq has any kind of control over its air-space? For me it seems a kind of conspiracy plot news. Why to believe in facts when you can believe in conspiracy theories and religious fairy tales?

  8. A totally false story planted by the likes of al-Sadr and is his bunch of fools. There is no evidence from American or German intelligence that such a drop took place. The only group dropping supplies in this area is the Iraqi military. Given the history of the Iraqi military, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least that it dropped supplies in this area by mistake.

  9. It was Iranian aircraft, Tehran puppets in Baghdad were order to blame America. The Shiites better get their heads out of their a*s, and understand Iran’s intentions for Iraq.

  10. The Iraq war/ the Afgan war both a huge success for the West and America, they may not have achieved their goals, but they surely did sell out all the weapon. “IS” is the cherry on the cake for them.

    If you where the US, selling weapons to the Iraqi’s and ,Kurds, Turks, and to all the GCC countries all because of “IS” .

    Clearly its not in there interest to have them removed so quickly.

  11. You always have the idiots in every society who are very easily controlled and effected, instead of blaming their problems on the core causes of why they are like they are at times of calamities they attack their neighbors and one another. whether its secularism, racism or whatever.

  12. Seems anything but a mistake. it is well-known the US supported the same rebels in Syria against the Assad regime. It is no surprise that ISIS gets gift bags from mysterious planes, loaded with weaponry and ammunition. This seems to be a US tactic to create instability within the already instable Iraq, in order to prevent the rise of a Shia government–which expalins the fact that ISIS is a Sunni group, who destroy Shia mosques. Shia government would mean Iraq/Baghdad would grow ties with Iran, which be chaotic to US foreign policy and FDI’s.

  13. Any fool can guss….thay these weapons are either for spying purpose by the US…or weapons with explosive bullets or otr defective ammunition to kill IS figters…coz modern day radar n satllelite technology that america has cant miss a plane…n the iraq media made a propaganda news soo that the IS fall in a trap….its commom sense…!

  14. the true face of islam
    Use it as a excuce for feeding moorons to be healty idiots for hidden agenda
    Politics and greed is the backbone of this dashdust of arabia

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