URGENT: Beheading of US hostage Peter Kassig to occur on Wednesday says ISIS

Snapshot from Henning beheading footage

UPDATE 16 November, 2014:URGENT Video: Peter Kassig beheaded by ISIS with 16 Syrians

( On Monday ISIS supporters on Twitter declared Wednesday as the deadline for the American hostage Peter Kassig to be beheaded by the group, following the beheading of the British aide worker in Syria, Alan Henning.

A video was released earlier this month containing the beheading of Henning and threats to execute Kassig next. Quoting the ISIS beheader in the video: “Obama, you have started your aerial bombardment of the Sham which keeps on striking our people. So, it is only right that we continue to strike the necks of your people.”

A FOX News reporter also stated that ISIS is holding ‘at least four more American hostages’ and is demanding 6.6 million dollars in addition to a number of prisons for a young female California hostage release.

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  1. Has it occured to anyone that ISIS could have already executed all these hostages long time ago and taken their videos and releases them in “waves” for maximum propaganda effect.
    The fact that there is almost perfect similarity in these videos (background, the way the that a*****e executioner conducting himself, etc.,) shows that these videos might have been shot in the same day and in the same place/setting.
    What ISIS might be doing is basically overlay an up-to-date audio commentary which reflects the recent events over the video which is not recent at all and release it for their abhorrent propaganda. Making overlaid audio reflect recent events give the impression that whole thing has just happened. I know it might be very painful for the relatives of the unfortunate victims but knowing and accepting what these depraved barbaric monsters are and lack any humanity whatsoever, I am afraid all those hostages might have long been dead. Accepting this, we should prevent these monsters to benefit from this propaganda which I am sure their equally depraved supporters enjoy tremendously.

  2. I completely agree, Jack. It does seem that way! Like all of it was already done….just releasing the videos one by one, to stir the public. I sympathize for the families of these brutal deeds, as well as all the people who have been displaced, raped, murdered, or abused in any way, due to these arrogant, non-religion-having, misdirected, manical fuckheads. Their days are being slowly numbered. Do not give in to their b******t propoganda! It really is 70% psycological.

  3. I 100 percent agree with you Jack. It goes the same scenario and if you seen posting they had previously posted posing with heads of victims not even close to what the video portrays. ISIS a lot about propaganda. Their mindless zombie lemmings are easily lead. They use old pics also and then put it up as current events. Hoping media will jump on it. Kind of like hitler days only 21 century equipment used and the enslavement and genocide of Kurds. Kind of sad also as the world really not doing all they could to stop it.

  4. I highly doubt it. each of the videos has begun with the most recent of news regarding the fight, such as the beginning of air strikes in Syria etc.

  5. Who cares! This idiot went there, converted to the evil religion, and now is going to die. For all we know, he is probably working with ISIS, using the beheading as his “suicide bombing” to get his 72 virgins. Let him die!

  6. I can kill 1000 isis animal by myself,lets come to me burstard if you fill you’re a gentleman and if you be a heroes,because I know isis is a dog or pig

  7. The fact that these videos are not complete is very suspicious. Since nick berg beheading the al qaida perfectly know,that showing full agony of victims aims the emotional target. Its very strange that there is so many new beheading videos every month posted by these bastards,but killing tese journalists or hum.worker is not used to full propaganda. It seems like its following scenario that fits better to u.s. administation to have a reason to bomb isis,then isis itself. Its propaganda on both sides and public is trapped in web of lies and demagogy.No one knows what the truth is. What really happened and what is goal for isis as well ss u.s. There are numbers of evidences that isis is a result of c.i.a., mossad,quatar and S.A.

  8. I can not help but wonder, why these fools want us to really come there, on an actual war footing?
    Something is just not right about it?

  9. planned by the us CIA to keep us busy with this and our own country being taken over from within by communistic politicians

  10. is it possible that the 16 men murdered with kassig…are the 16 that were kidnapped from tikrit….??????????

  11. Muslim scum, we are coming for you. You will all die. If you want to die sooner, attack us openly in the U.S. and every veteran will be more then happy to send you off to wherever your illiterate, child-abusing founder might be.

  12. These are not muslems. they do these crimes as the name of Islam, they are enemies of Islam, one day all the people understand what is true

  13. My condolences to the family’s of the victims. I find it very unusual that these men are not resisting or showing any emotions what so ever, but excepting their fate. Me I would be not just kneeling there, I would be finding someway to put up some sort of fight. yes their hands are handcuffed but not their legs. Send in the U.S. Marines with destroy orders and we’ll see the last of these idiots. They are cowards that hide behind masks, they’re traitors who want to be somebody because they are losers in their own home country.

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