US-led coalition strikers increase sorties in Mosul

Nineveh ( A security source reported today Wednesday that the US-led coalition increased its sorties in Mosul town in conjunction with the liberation of Tikrit.

The source told that “warplanes and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles flied today dawn in Mosul without executing any strike but reconnaissance sorties to collect information about the ISIL positions and shelters to target them later.”

It added that “the terrorists used anti-aircraft guns but without any avail”. /End/

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  1. Fighter planes and larger planes can gather intelligence from high altitudes and that is well above the range of any of ISIL’s weapons, so the manned planes ISIL was NOT shooting at them and would have been just a waste of ammunition if ISIL tried.

    The only planes that are used for close in visual intelligence gathering that is within ISIL’s weapons range the International Coalition use small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and that really was the only thing that ISIL was shooting at.

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