US provides ten thousand Iraqi soldeirs with equipment, trainers


( US embassy in Baghdad stated on Tuesday, that the United States has provide a daily shipment of arms and ammunition to support the Iraqi forces in expel the ISIS group’s militants, and indicated that it provided 10,000 soldiers with gear and trainers.

Spokesman of the embassy said in a press statement received by, “The United States continues to provide a large amount of military equipment, weapons and ammunition to support the Iraqi security forces in expelling ISIS from Iraq,” explaining that, “The United States’ mission in Iraq is proud to partner with the Iraqi security forces, and praises the recent success achieved in the final Tikrit battle,” noting that, “ISIS defeat in Tikrit is a further evidence of the continuing trend of its military defeat in all parts of the country.”

“The United States will continue to stand by all Iraqis until ISIS is defeated,” he added.

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  1. More than 60 countries in the international coalition already have provided BOTH Iraq and the Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga, with assorted weapons including heavy weapons, many tons of assorted ammunition, soldiers flack jackets and various other military equipment that soldiers need, plus thousands of their soldiers to train and advise your soldiers, this quite sufficient for Iraq and the Peshmerga to have a large army to fight ISIL with. Now they are giving a lot more to Iraq and enough for another army and there is NO MENTION of the other countries that have helped and continue to help, and it is all payed for by each of those countries citizens through the tax money that they pay to their Governments of their countries. Meanwhile Iraq just pays for the uniforms, wages and for the food the soldiers require for 2 well equipped big armies and even the training of those soldiers will be free by the thousands of international soldiers who are “training and advising” in many different specialties that various types of soldiers need to be trained in.

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